Motivation Monday – Week 4 – Team Sloth

Monday 8/15


It’s Monday! So this one was a weird day.

First day of school I dropped of my lovely Dragon. Dragon would be my daughter. An affectionate nickname she’s earned because everywhere we have to go, I have to drag her to get her there.

Anyway, so I drop her off at her new earlier time and head off to the social security office to handle some paperwork. Sounds like fun huh? Not really, you get there very early and have to stand in a long line outside in the heat until 9 am when they let 5 people at a time inside the building. Sound like fun yet? (Sloth: At least we weren’t at the gym!) Sure it does.

So there I am in line. I get there at 8am and I’m about the 50th person there. I’ve got a bare minimum of an hour to wait and I have to pee. So I’m dancing around to get my mind off of that fact.

Along comes street preacher. For the most part I’m cool with really religious people. Street preachers on the other hand scare the craparoonidooni out of me. Why? Because they’re usually full tilt bozo nutcases that can and will get violent any second. This one seemed pretty cool though.

He was staying on the sidewalk which is public property and he’s totally allowed to be there. That’s cool buddy. We can barely hear what he’s screaming at us until he moves further down the sidewalk towards our portion of the line. That’s when I hear what he’s saying.

He’s not only a street preacher he’s a government conspiracy theorist. (Sloth: Okay, he moves towards his pockets… we’ll run. Right? You will run won’t you?) He’s yelling about Social Security numbers being the mark of the beast. We’ll all be dragged to hell and ya know, the typical nut ball the government is out to get you right now things. I’m sure he meant demons but he kept yelling about the Dragons coming to swoop down and drag us to hell.

The Dragons will possess you. The Dragons will read that number, that mark of the beast and you will be Satan’s play thing. (Sloth: Forget the hell stuff I want to hang with a Dragon! They’re my kind of people. All they want to do is sleep. Granted they need a gold bed to do it. But hey! Long as there is watermelon nearby, I’m down.)

As entertaining as all this was. His sloth must have taken over. Because before 9am, he yelled “It’s really hot!” and then crossed the street to the convenience store never to be seen again. Oh thanks Buddy! You were the only thing keeping me from thinking about having to pee! (Sloth: And you know I did nothing but focus on that.)

Wow, so dancing a million years in line later I finally get inside, stand in line to get my number, then stand in line to use the bathroom, then wait for my number to be called. I’m sure everyone was waiting for me to go full tilt bozo because instead of sitting like a normal human does I was doing laps around the waiting room. (Sloth: Yep, you’re a nut.)

Finally, out of there at just before noon. It was a race to get my kid. It was a race to get things done. All in the car. Shockingly, I hit my step goal.



Tuesday 8/16


This is not a normal week for me. Not even close too normal. Not only did school start and with it an earlier wake up time. But my darling little sister’s foot has become infected, had to have dead tissue cut from it and she can put absolutely zero pressure on it.

Moral to that story? Don’t step on a stingray they will hurt you, it will be nasty and all your fault because you stepped on a stingray.

What’s that mean for Beck exactly? That means I get to take my nieces to school daily, pick them up, run all of her errands and anything else her little brain thinks up that she needs to do.

Let’s add in a side of my mom decided to work three days this week. Working while retired. That sounds sucky to me but she seems to think it will keep her from dying before she’s super old.

But what does that mean for her home life? Well, her live in somebody is blind, diabetic, and has a heart condition. So that means Beck is responsible for going over to their house and making sure he hasn’t keeled over from loneliness at any point during the day.

Adjusting to the earlier wake up time has been challenging to say the least. I don’t really know how I got through the first day but I did it. There was no gym visit today. I did not get to work on jumping jacks.

I did get 4 bottles of water in so I hit that goal and miraculously got my steps in just doing what I needed to do for everybody. So that goal was hit.

Not very many interruptions from the Sloth side of me today. (Sloth: I couldn’t keep up! I was overwhelmed! Give me a minute dang!)

Wednesday 8/17


Okay so the mom is at work, no help from her at all today. Get up super early. Get my kid to school. Race back across town get the nieces and get them to school.

Race back to sister’s house check to see if she has any pressing errands that she needs to get done. No, awesome!

Race to my parent’s house. Rake their front yard, get all of that crap bagged up. Go inside, sit with the old man for an hour to make him feel better about my mom working. Lovely… done with that.

Off to pick up my kid. Off to the grocery store to get food that the 12-year-old can cook. Back to my house. Make lunch for my kid. Feed kid. So tired!

It’s two. Don’t have to pick up kids till 3:30. Lay down for a minute.

Wake up at 3, grab keys start heading out the door. There’s my mom standing there. Mad cause I forgot the nieces. What? Crap it’s Wednesday and public schools get out early on Wednesday and oh by the way we told you the wrong time anyway, you have to pick these kids up by 3 not 3:30 so you would have been late anyway. Sigh, whatever.

Wait, sister is in pain. Got to go to sister’s house. What’s up sister? They are discussing me staying at her house for the night because sister is in pain. No. (Sloth: Totally agree. Just no.)

I will take you to the doctor but no I will not stay the night at your house. Not now, not ever. I don’t do sleepovers. Take her to the doctor. We sit at doctor forever. I’m starving. It’s a cramp. She has a cramp; she needs to rehydrate. Got ya.

Okay now what? I’m hungry. Can she go home? Yes, awesome. Take her to get her antibiotic. Take her home, drop her off.

Rush to go get my kid’s meds and my sister some powerade because apparently she won’t drink water. I am starving! She calls me, the kids ate all the dinner. I need 500 calories to take my meds. What? (Sloth: I’m not even keeping up this week.) Okay! Fine… I’m starving and it’s 6:30 so I’ll just hit a drive through.

Go to Popeyes. Get a box of chicken for my house and a two piece for her. (Sloth: Eat chicken while driving! YES! That’s a fantastic idea!) Grab a leg… then a wing… this traffic is killing me. What’s going on? Grab another leg. Move up a little. Then a wing… okay someone on a bike got hit by a car. I hope they’re okay. Grab a leg.

Finally, through that mess. Get to my sister’s house. Feed the sister. Go home. Feed the kid. Why don’t I feel hungry anymore? Count the chicken pieces… Holy crap I ate five pieces of chicken! (Sloth: Right? It was fantastic!) Far too tired to do another thing. I sat down. Didn’t get back up from that seated position until bed time. (Sloth: Too much stuff in one day.)



Thursday 8/18


It’s getting easier to run three people’s schedules. This morning went smoother.

I raked and bagged the parent’s back yard today. Then old man was asleep so no visit.

Running my sister’s errands went pretty simple. Got the kids on time. Everything went pretty awesome. I was home by 5pm.

Wasted some time on the internet. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Massive pain in my right side. Bam, I’m on my knees in my kitchen.

I know this pain. It’s not going to kill me. It’s a cyst. But why? Why do I have cyst pain right now with zero warning? There is always warning with cysts. It usually starts out as a dull throbbing that grows into this major ouchie. (Sloth: Can’t even joke about this one. It sucked.)

There was no dull throbbing. What’s up? Fine. I’ll lay down. I’ll listen to you oh weird body of mine. Two hours of that pain later, it eases off. Okay? So a cyst burst I think. Everything is fine. I get up go take a shower and… ta da!

Nope, my body is reminding me that I am in fact a female. Awesome. That’s not going to be real great for my stats this week. And next time can we just kick my butt in the normal ways? The pain thing, not fun. Take my shower and I let the sloth win. (Sloth: I didn’t suggest it this time. Don’t you blame me. It’s what you wanted!)

I went to bed.



Friday 8/19 – 3:30 am


I woke up at 2am. That happens when I go to bed at like 8 and actually sleep. It’s good though. I’m not in any pain today. I feel good.

I actually did a cardio workout and some weight work with my arms. Considering going to the gym at four but probably will not because I have the truck and it’s not really safe to drive that far.

I’m kinda feeling bad that I haven’t made it to the gym all week long. (Sloth: I’m not. You’ve been wearing me out!) I have made my step goals.

I haven’t worked on the jumping jacks like I wanted to. I have made my water goals all of the days. But think this week I should add in Mountain Dew goals.

At the time of writing this I’m totally breaking my no calories between 8pm and 5am rule by drinking a mountain dew and I ate a piece of chicken. I woke up hungry.

I also need to make a smoking goal. Yes, I smoke. Yes, I know it’s bad for me. Let’s break one bad habit at a time shall we?

Anyway, I’m super excited today. Not because I have another way too long day doing three households worth of stuff. But because tonight I’m going on a moonlight cemetery tour at one of my favorite and oldest cemeteries in Orlando.

Even better? Yep, Ki’s going with me. Now remember that Ki has a very broken ankle and is still healing. We aren’t expecting her to be able to finish it. But just going is super awesome! I can hardly wait!

Everyone must be done with giving me crap to do no later than 5pm. I will be at Greenwood’s gate at 8pm if it kills me! I’m dying to get in. LOL! Cemetery humor.

Anyway, the Sloth must still be asleep. I haven’t heard any complaining about working out, doing laundry or generally being active yet. Or maybe it’s the Vampire blood I have that says it’s still dark out doing stuff is perfectly fine!

Anyway, it’s about time for me to start the day so I’m going to shut up here and get onto doing my daily stuff. Check in later with the steps taken!


Really Funky side note!

Here’s a little funky observation, yesterday my weight consistently held at 202.8. All day, all times of the day. I really should start taking pictures every single time I step on that scale. Just to give you some kind of reference of what I’m talking about.

This morning, before food or drink or anything… my weight is 207 even. Do I think it’s real weight? No, I don’t. I think it’s hormones and toxins from the cysts flooding into my body and I have to wait for them to clean themselves out. Drink lots of water! I know.

Here’s what I want to discuss because I think for those of us who are cystic and do have monthly issues (Not everybody with PCOS has issues with them monthly), it can be really depressing not seeing the scale cooperate with you.

It goes right back to the myth that people with PCOS are doomed to be fat. It’s also what threw my head into bulimia when I was kid. Every month my weight would jump up leaving me to struggle and over do everything just to get it back down to a “normal weight”.

This is an every month battle for me. My body creates the cysts when I ovulate. They don’t always burst right before a period. If they do I don’t know it, I only notice bursts when they’re extremely painful. Everyone’s body is different.

But I know for me I can’t trust or be friends with my scale. It’s a tool to use to track progress only so far when you are actively cystic. Same with measurements. I swell every single month. I’m sure that my measurements will be very high this week.

If I let it, that will be depressing beyond compare. I can’t let that get into my head and feed into the fear that I’m not doing enough to lose the weight. I am hitting my goals consistently. I’m not making my goals insanely high. I’m not eating overly bad (except Wednesday) and I am drinking water.

I am doing what I need to do to be healthy. That includes keeping my mind right. I expect this to happen every month. I expect to spend the next three weeks after slowly getting back to where I was just to see a little more progress every day. As long as I am working my program consistently and challenging myself to bigger and better things, I will see the change in the clothes I wear. Which is what I base my personal progress on.

If my clothes are loose that used to be tight, I’m alright. To conclude this little side note to all my sisters out there who are cysters, don’t give up no matter what that scale says. It’s not your friend. Work your program. Don’t give up no matter how much your measurements go up and down during a week.

That measuring tape is not your friend. Work your program.

Remember you are making these changes to be healthy. Giving up is not healthy. Over doing it is not healthy. I could list a ton of habits I used to have that are not healthy. You are doing great! I’m proud of you! I am doing great, I’m proud of me.

Keep on working toward the goals you set. You’re a bad ass and you will achieve change and health.

Friday morning
Friday morning

Out of curiosity or maybe, I’m a glutton for punishment. I did do measurements today. And will continue to take them throughout hell week. (Or as most call it. Monthly cycle) Just to give you an idea of what happens to my body every month. This one is a little different because I know a cyst burst. So I have extra yuck running through my veins. I think it’s important to show you just how much a body can change during this week. So bear with me. This week’s post is going to be much longer than normal.

Measurements taken at 5am 8/19
Thigh: 24 Inches
Bicep: 14 inches
Waist: 46 inches
Hip: 46 inches
Chest: 49 inches
Weight: 208.8 Lbs


Friday Night

Ki and I took her son out on a cemetery tour! I loved it, it was amazing. Such fun and love hanging with my bestie. Anyway, we got home late late and then yeah it was so bed time.


Saturday 8/20


Thigh: 26 Inches
Bicep: 15 inches
Waist: 52 inches
Hip: 47 inches
Chest: 50 inches

Weight: 223.4 Lbs
Today was rough! Super rough. I was swollen real big and not really feeling working out but I did it anyway.

The measurements and weight are really depressing but I know they aren’t accurate.

I know that I’ve lost actual weight because my clothing is loose. Usually.

I’m doing great and I can’t let my body beat my mind up. This is a rough week.

But I’m still working and still moving. I’m doing great! I’m a badass.



Sunday 8/21


I’m so glad this week is OVER. What else can I say about that? Nothing I don’t think?

Yeah, so let’s just wind this week down with the stats and goals and move on to next week shall we?
Thigh: 24 Inches
Bicep: 13 inches
Waist: 47 inches
Hip: 45 inches
Chest: 47 inches
Weight: 217.8 lbs


I’m not going to do a comparison chart this week because I’ve posted my stats pretty much every day to show you the rapid and weird changes my body goes through. Do I think any of them are “real” stats that I should have? No.

Do I have them? Yes, daily.

While back in the day this would drop me into a spiral of cookies and ice cream. I’m not allowing it to do that. I know have three good weeks to work and get a balanced good feel for stats.



Round up

I have no idea what Ki did this week. I only know what I did.

I had a goal of 15,000 steps a day. Which I beat every day except Friday.

And well.. that tour was absolutely awesome so I’ll go with the less steps on that day.

Total Steps: 129,859
Average Daily Steps: 18,551
Goal steps: 105,000
Beat my goal by: 24,859

Goals for next week:

That's Me! I'm a Sloth!
That’s Me! I’m a Sloth!

Continue to drink 64 ounces of water
Continue to stop eating when full.
Smoke less than a pack a day. (One bad habit at a time people. I’m a work in progress.)
Work out at the gym at least three times this week.
Work out at home at least 5 times this week.
17,000 steps a day.

That’s it. I’m done for this week. There are 10 days left on this challenge! I’m excited to see where we both land!

So Roadrunner… what’s up? How’d you do?

See ya next week guys,


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