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Motivation Monday

Sleep Deprivation Leads to Obesity
Sleep Deprivation Leads to Obesity

Our third week of the Fitness Challenge for September is over.  Part of the fight against obesity is setting healthy lifestyle habits.  One of those that I never knew was relevant to obesity is sleep.

If I had known as a teenager that my desire to stay up all night every night before going to school all day would lead to obesity, I definitely would have reconsidered my priorities.  If only I had known then what I know now.

Beck and I are now working on improving our sleep habits to live healthier lifestyles and try to lose some of this excess weight we’ve been carrying around.

Ki’s Sleep – Week 3

This week I offer no excuses.  While my brain was focused on Physical Therapy, it also knew that the body heals itself during sleep and that sleep should have been a much higher priority this week.  However, I didn’t make it one.

So here’s how my sleep went for Week 3:

Tuesday – 9/20

I really messed this one up.  I went to bed at 1:21am knowing full well that I needed to get up early to get to Physical Therapy on time.  I got up at 5:29am.  I did not wake up but I was restless 6 times for a total of 9 minutes.  My total sleep duration was 3 hours and 59 minutes.  Not cool.

It was very hard to get up and get going.  I was very tired throughout the day and not very productive at all.  I know better than this but I do it every time.  When I know I have to get up earlier than normal, I’m always afraid to go to sleep and end up staying up way too late.  I don’t know why I do this but I need to stop.  I also need to stop scheduling early morning appointments.

But it wouldn’t have been as bad if I would’ve went to bed on time.

Wednesday – 9/21

I went to bed at 1:30am.  I’m not doing well at all on bedtime this week.  Before I went to bed, I reset my alarm for 8:30am knowing that I would need more sleep.

Now Fitbit says I got up at 9:02am but that’s not the case.  I was up at 8:30am.  I woke up twice during the night and I was restless 14 times.  So there was 30 minutes of awake time or restlessness.

Fitbit says my total sleep duration was 7 hours and 2 minutes but since I got up earlier than it said, my actual sleep time was only 5 hours and 30 minutes.  I did not meet my sleep goal.

I was feeling it that day too.  My body was achy, my eyes were burning, and I was feeling sluggish overall.  I really need to start going to bed on time and stop doing this to myself.

Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

Thursday – 9/22

I went to bed at 12:18am.  I really need to get to bed before midnight.  I’m not doing well with this priority right now.  Since I went to bed late, I reset my alarm clock to wake up later.  I got up at 7:59am, according to Fitbit.  But I actually got up at 7:40am so that I had time to log into work.

I woke up twice during the night and I was restless 8 times.  So there was 17 minutes of not sleeping well.  That’s not too bad.  My total sleep duration, according to Fitbit, was 7 hours and 24 minutes.  But since I got up 19 minutes earlier than it says, my total sleep duration was actually 7 hours and 5 minutes.  I met my sleep goal.

I felt pretty good all day.  I wasn’t overly groggy when I woke up and I didn’t get tired until just after 11pm.  I should’ve went to bed then, right?  When I get to sleep before midnight, I can squeeze my workout in before work in the morning.

Friday – 9/23

I went to bed at 12:24am and stayed in bed exactly 7 hours and 1 minute.  Since I know I don’t sleep well, I knew I wouldn’t meet my goal.  I need 7 and a half hours in bed to get my 7 hours of good sleep.

I woke up at 7:25am.  I was awake twice and restless 10 times for a total of 19 minutes.  So I missed my goal by 18 minutes.  My total sleep duration was 6 hours and 42 minutes.

I woke up a bit groggy and my eyes were tired well into the morning.  It took me a couple of hours to get focused on anything.  But once I did, I was good for the day.  I started getting tired around 8 pm and by 10:30 pm, I was ready to go to bed.

Saturday – 9/24

I went to bed at 11:05pm.  It took me a little while to get to sleep and it was a pretty restless night.  I woke up 4 times and I was restless 24 times.  I was quite sore from Physical Therapy.

There were 47 minutes that I was awake or restless.  I woke up at 7:40am after fighting it for a bit.  My total sleep duration was 7 hours and 48 minutes.  I met my goal!

I felt pretty good all day as far as sleepiness.  However, my neck flared up again and I couldn’t move my head much all day.  I got out of the house by 10am to go to the store but driving was a little tricky due to my neck.  I couldn’t turn my head.

I was focused for a couple of hours before losing interest in being productive on my day off.

Sunday – 9/25

I went to bed at 11:57pm and didn’t wake up until 8:41 am.  Apparently it was my night for catching up on lost sleep from the week.

I was restless 13 times for a total of 23 minutes.  So my total sleep duration was 8 hours and 21 minutes.  I met my goal again but that’s pretty easy for me to do on the weekends when I don’t have to get up.

Despite sleeping so long, I woke up feeling pretty good and got productive immediately.  I was still sore from Physical Therapy and my neck was still acting up but not as bad as it was on Saturday.

I started getting a little tired around 5pm but it may have been because I wasn’t really doing much at the time.

I’ve gone to bed before midnight two nights in a row now…but just barely.  I need to really focus on getting to bed on time this week so my body can recover and heal.  That is my top priority this coming week.

Monday – 9/26

I woke up before the alarm clock went off!  I went to bed at 11:55pm.  It took me a little while to get to sleep because I had trouble getting comfortable.  I woke up on my own at 7:21am.

I woke up twice during the night and I was restless 12 times for a total of 19 minutes.  My total sleep duration was 7 hours and 7 minutes.  I met my goal.

I still pushed bedtime a little later than I’d like.  While I did make it to bed before midnight, it was only by 5 minutes.  I’m going to work on trying to get to bed by 11:30pm so that I have time to do a workout in the morning before work.

Anyway, my productivity was almost immediate.  As soon as I sat down at my desk, I got to work.  I feel pretty good today.  Not too groggy or anything.  Hopefully I get a lot done today.

Week 3 Stats

I did much better this week with meeting my sleep goal.  I met my goal 5 days this week as opposed to 3 last week.  I did make it to bed before midnight 3 days this week.  I will continue trying to improve bedtime to make the 7 hour goal easier to accomplish.

Ki’s Weight & Measurements

My Weight

I weigh 203.6 this week which is .1 pound down from last week.  My activity levels dropped significantly since I’m on my leg unsupported now and starting Physical Therapy.  Physical Therapy is rough and has me in pain pretty much everyday but this week I intend to try to workout anyway.  I at least want to get in 30 minutes of walking each day to continue seeing forward progress.

I am focused a little less on activity and a little more on sleep and diet for now until I work back up to a good activity level.

My Measurements

My Week 2 measurements are as follows:

  • Weight: 203.6
  • Chest: 45.5″
  • Waist: 44″
  • Hips: 45″
  • Wrist: 6″
  • Forearm: 10″
  • BMI: 35.0

I’m still not expecting to see much progress on the weight loss right now as my activity levels have dropped so dramatically.  But I do plan to start walking again soon and hope to start seeing bigger improvements with it.


Womens Fitness Challenge
Meep! Meep!

I did much better with meeting my sleep goal this week.  I still have some work to do to get this healthy habit created and set perfectly for me and I’ll need to force myself to stick to it.

I do like how much better I feel when I give myself the opportunity to get enough sleep.  It makes my days so much more productive and my body doesn’t give me as much trouble.  It’s definitely worth the goal.

How are you doing with your goals?  Are you working on your own sleep habits?

Your friendly neighborhood road runner,


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