Motivation Monday – Week 2 – Team Sloth

Stats for Beck

Weight Change
Weight Change
  • Bicep: 14 inches
  • Waist: 45 inches
  • Hips: 45 inches
  • Thighs: 24 inches
  • Chest: 47 inches
  • Weight: 206.2


Okay, so the weight and inches lost are amazing. Especially since my goals this week were to stay out of the gym.

To be honest, I’m bored with the gym. It’s so monotonous to go to the gym and do the same things over and over again. This week I really didn’t want to do that. I wanted to be anywhere but there.


Daily Activities

Here’s how my week went:

Monday's Steps
Monday’s Steps

Monday was a super stressful day. My ex husband was picking up my daughter for a visit for the first time in five years. In other words, I didn’t sleep all night. I just paced. Paced and paced all over the house.

She didn’t want to go but she wanted to go. She was on edge. So much of an edge that we were fighting.

Anyone who has kids with disabilities can understand that the stress was at a fever pitch. So there is that. Monday was just a sucky day.


Tuesday's Steps
Tuesday’s Steps

Tuesday, I got my steps at the gym.

I was overly sad. I missed my kid. Wasn’t feeling the gym at all. But I did it.

Hit the gym twice that day. It was basically awful.

I did not want to be there. Not because the Sloth in me said so but because the mom in me wasn’t a happy person.

I just found myself hating the gym. But I still hit my goal of 10,000 steps.


Wednesday's Steps
Wednesday’s Steps

Wednesday! Oh my god! My legs hurt that day! I don’t know what it was that hurt so bad.

I don’t know if it was because I spent time away from the gym and then did a double set of cardio? Was it the extra time on the machines? Was it the 100 squat challenge? I don’t know!

All I do know was my calves were hurting so bad I had trouble walking.

Skipped the gym altogether and vowed this week I would get steps somewhere else! I stayed home. It took me much longer to get my 10,000 in that day. Or maybe it didn’t and just felt like torture? I don’t know.

All I do remember is Daddy saying something about bullshit and I got my steps in. Motivation comes in weird places I guess?


Thursday's Steps
Thursday’s Steps

Thursday. I was not having any part of gyms. Nope, I was still sore and didn’t want to spend time in gym. Just wasn’t feeling it.

So, my mom and I drove from Orlando to Umatilla. About an hour away from our home and walked around a small cemetery named Glendale. Yes, I said cemetery.

The steps aside, cemeteries are one of my favorite places to be. There is so much history in them, the little cities of the dead can teach you a lot.

The reason we drove out there, family of ours was supposed to be buried there. We were looking for an Aunt and Uncle that were supposed to be buried there. If they were, it was unmarked.

I didn’t get my steps in this day. Pretty sure it was the driving an hour there and back that wiped me out. But I wasn’t feeling it. So I’ll call it my off day.


Friday's Steps
Friday’s Steps

Friday! Again with the Cemetery walking. This time a historic cemetery in Orlando called Greenwood.

I love this cemetery because it’s 120 acres surrounded by protected wetland park. I could go there every day for my steps for a month and not see every grave there is.

It’s a wonderful cemetery with a ton of local history. Both good and bad. Doesn’t hurt that I have a few relatives there so I always bring them flowers.

It was a good day for steps. I hit goal.


Saturday's Steps
Saturday’s Steps

Saturday… I wasn’t feeling walking around. I really wanted to be the Sloth and sleep all day.

My kid surprised me and came home a day early! YAY!

After taking her over to see my mom we came home. She went straight to sleep.

I worked out at home but again… I wasn’t feeling the gym. I didn’t want to go there. I just wanted to stay home and hear the sounds of my kid being back in the house.

So that’s what I did. I hit my goal.


Sunday's Steps
Sunday’s Steps

Yay, this week is finally over!

I got my steps in taking walks to the store with my kid. Talking to her about her visit with her dad. Quality bonding time.

Of course once I got to the store I bought her massive amounts of candy and soda.

Got myself a beautiful green elixir of life too.



Weekly Round Up

Must. Beat. Roadrunner.
Must. Beat. Roadrunner.

Total steps for this week: 84,269 taken

My daily average steps: 10,031

Over all this week was successful for me. I lost a couple pounds and a few inches. My brand new shorts are loose. It was a darn good week.

However, it was about twenty five thousand something short of beating Ki. I’m going to have to get over being sick to death of the gym and make myself go back there.

Walking through the cemeteries isn’t enough to beat the Road Runner. Her goal is amazingly high so I have to either step it up, or admit defeat. Which I am at this time unprepared to do.

I do think that if I do lose to Ms. Overly Productive Road Runner, I’ll go for the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad pig tails. Just a thought… but not one I’m aiming at. I’ll be stepping up my step game for sure!

Goals for this upcoming week:

That's Me! I'm a Sloth!
That’s Me! I’m a Sloth!
  1. More water, less green elixir of life. 64 fluid ounces of water a day. Minimum! Yeah! I can do that! Shut up green bottle! I can!
  2. I’m still not going to count calories. That puts me in a very negative head space. I won’t do it. Instead, I’m going to say my food goals are to eat three meals of some kind a day. Which seems difficult for me to accomplish. Mornings I find the thought of food to be disgusting. By the time I get really hungry it’s late in the day and don’t get hungry again until late at night. Which is altogether bad!
  3. No calories after 8pm or before 5am.
  4. Sleep! Well, sleep at night. Your friendly sloth seems to have vampire blood. Night times I’m not sleepy and day times I’m ready to crash every five or so seconds.
  5. 15,000 steps a day. Yeah, I know I read the road runners stats too. I know her goal is way high and it’s going to take some serious effort to catch up. If I aim too high, the Sloth in me will say “You’re nuts. Pig tails don’t look that bad.” Burning out is not my plan. Slow and steady wins the race.

So that’s it. That’s the sloth’s plan this week. Wish me luck!



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