Motivation Monday – Week 1 Status for Ki


Motivation Monday

So today marks day 1 of our Fitness Challenge for August. Beck and I are competing to see who gets the most steps in this month. As part of this challenge, we will be posting our stats each week to show any noticed progress during this challenge.

Ki’s Steps

For being the first day of the challenge, I’m off to a super slow start. I won’t give excuses here, I’ll just say that I’m not making myself get it done today. My steps for the day so far are at a low 4,915 steps.  Yikes!  I better get to it!  I think I may need a few cheerleaders.

Steps Challenge Week 1
Steps Challenge Week 1

Ki’s Measurements

My weight today is 206 which is where it’s been for a few weeks. My chest measures in at 46 inches today, although, I’m not entirely sure I’m measuring in the right place but I’m measuring in the same place consistently. My waist is measuring 45 inches today, which is 2 inches less than when I started at the beginning of July. YAY me! My hips are measuring at 44 inches, which is also 2 inches less than the beginning of July. Double YAY!

Weight Loss Week 5
Weight Loss Week 5

So these are my baseline measurements for this challenge. Let’s see how much more I can lose during this month! Boy it sure would be nice to have some cheerleaders in my corner telling me to get off my lazy badass! Who’s with me? Anybody? Hello?

Oh well, I’m sure you’re off getting your own steps. Yeah! Right?



Womens Fitness Challenge
Meep! Meep!

I don’t keep a journal that I write in yet so this will count as my journaling entry for this week.  Today I’m feeling tired because I got less than 6 hours of sleep last night and I need exactly 7 in order to feel good.  I’m readjusting to being back to work after being out for 3 months so I’m feeling overly lazy and tired.  Physically I feel drained, not like I’ve overworked my body…just like there’s nothing left in it to give.  Spiritually, I’m a little down because I don’t like when I let things hold me back.  I don’t like when I don’t accomplish my goals.  But there’s still a fire lit, I can feel it burning.  I know it’s going to catch hold and flare up soon…maybe not today…maybe not even tomorrow, but when it does…I got you Wile E….I’m comin!  #GameOn!


Your friendly neighborhood road runner,

~Ki (Meep! Meep!)

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