Motivation Monday – Week 1 Status for Beck


Beck’s August Challenge Check in: Day 1

Stats as Measured by Beck:
Bust: 48 inches
Waist: 48 Inches
Hips: 46 Inches
Thigh: 24 Inches
Bicept: 14 Inches.
Weight: 208.8 Pounds

How I’m feeling about those stats:


Last week I had a consistent weight of 204.6 pounds which meant that I was just 5.6 pounds off from my first goal of being under 200 pounds. Excited? OH YEAH! And then came days of stress, no sleep, cycles (not bikes), and hernia swelling.

All of that combined with an unhealthy dosage of that beautiful green soda with lots and lots of caffeine that has been a lifelong addiction for me… I knew I had gained some weight. Oh yeah, I did. I’m back up to 208.8 pounds.

Weight loss done right is an uphill battle. I’m struggling right now but I know I can get motivated and kick my goals butt! This challenge will help me to accomplish that. I know it will. I would love to see you guys out there taking this challenge for yourselves. Love to see how you accomplish those steps.

My game plan:

That's Me! I'm a Sloth!
That’s Me! I’m a Sloth!

Ignore my spirit Animal! My inner Sloth has pointed out how nice it is to sit down and chill. Which means I haven’t hit the gym very much and that’s a horrible habit to get into because the lazy takes hold and strangles the motivation and productivity.

My inner sloth has been pointing at empty calorie and high sugar foods. So I’m going to have to ignore the Sloth, put all excuses aside, and stay away from the lovely green soda and chocolate bars.

In short my game plan is to put that naughty spirit animal in a time out! It can sit there while I get back to my gym routine. It can sit there while I pull my step out and march up and down while I watch a movie or whatever it is that the Sloth in me is pointing to.

I’m going to get moving and stay motivated! That’s the game plan for this Challenge. Go team Sloth! I mean Go Team BECK!

Until next week, this sloth is going to go take a nap!


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