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Monday 8/8

Monday August 8

There I was at the gym, I had just finished a 15 minute set on the Arc Trainer and a 15 minute set on the Elliptical machine, I was now working on my time on the treadmill before heading to the weights.

So there I was at a moderate pace with my phone in my hand trying to figure out exactly how many steps I would have to take this week to catch up and stay even with Ki this week.

Her goal I think is 15,000 steps a day and I’m 25757 steps behind her. (Sloth sigh) 15,000 x’s 7 days equals 105000. (Sloth sigh) Add in the deficit steps… 105,000 +25,757 equals 130,757. (Sloth whines)

So what does that mean exactly? That means I absolutely have to take 18,680 steps per day just to break even with Ki. IF that’s IF she just hits goal. That’s a high ass goal. Really high. OH no problem though I can do it! Let’s get on it.

Hours and hours and hours of constant workout and walking later… I’ve got 22,321 steps. (Sloth weeps) Goal accomplished with a little wiggle room today. (Sloth: Get serious! You know Ki, once she sets her mind to a goal she absolutely, positively HAS to kick that goal to the heavens. Why? Because she’s a road runner! You best get to steppin!)


Tuesday 8/9

Tuesday August 9

I’ve worked my ass off today! (Sloth: “You mean you walked like a crack whore looking for their next fix.”)

Two visits to the gym, walking from store to store instead of driving for my errands, I even walked to the bank! (Sloth: “Uh huh… your skin is kinda red. Skin cancer sounds a lot better than fat doesn’t it?”)

By 4pm, I was exhausted! (Sloth: “Noooo kidding!”)

I came home, cooked for the kid, took a shower and collapsed. Barely woke back up in time to sync my device. (Sloth: “Yeah, so that’s a fun way to spend life. Work out and walk until you can’t function.”)

I’ve gotten 23,579 steps in! (Sloth: “Yes you did, and now your hips and your knee hurt. What is it exactly that your accomplishing besides pain?”) I feel like I may have a buffer zone with this now that I have at least the deficit caught up.


Wednesday 8/10

Wednesday August 10

This catching up crap is just miserable. You work and work and work to get caught up knowing you’ll be behind again in a quick second if you let up just a little tiny bit.

So what happens? You’re exhausted by four or five in the afternoon because you’ve crammed so many steps into your day.

You take a shower and sleep, wake up around 10 or 11 and then your awake. Which is great because you’ve got some time to get some steps in before it gets Florida Hell Hot. But it’s terrible at the same time because your throwing your body off its sleep schedule.

That’s not the greatest of things when your kid is about to go back to school. I’m the transportation so, I better get my sleep back on track. All I know is after getting 27,964 steps today, my scale better have some plummeting movement! (Sloth: Shut up and go get me watermelon!)


Thursday 8/11

Thurs Aug 11

It does feel like it’s getting easier to get all these steps in a day. (Sloth: Because you got me some watermelon, I allowed you to be okay with it today.)

Maybe just not as forced? (Sloth: I told you, it’s because you got me watermelon first thing this morning.)  I don’t know.  I’m still exhausted every single day.  (Sloth: Really? Cause you wouldn’t let me take a nap.)

Today I didn’t go to the gym at all. (Sloth: YAY! NO GYM!)

I actually spent my day, shampooing and removing carpet at my sister’s house. (Sloth: Booo! I prefer the gym!)  By the time I got home from there I didn’t have very many steps to do at home to break over 20,000. (Sloth: It was great! We sat down and watched a movie.)

I’m tired. Very tired.  (Sloth: Should have let me take a nap!) I’m wondering if I should have set my sights so high this week.

Maybe I should have paid more attention to Ki’s goals in the first week. She does post them every single Sunday. That’s a bit of an advantage isn’t it? (Sloth: Hindsight is 20/20. No point in looking behind you.) I don’t know?

I know that I’m tired. I’m looking forward to this challenge to being over. Today I got 22,285 steps in. (Sloth: Get me watermelon! Oh I mean, you’re doing pretty good! Caught up… lookin’ alright. That’s nice. Now get me watermelon!)


Friday 8/12

Friday August 12

(Sloth: You are a tease Lady! You bought the watermelon… when are we eating it?) It’s been a super duper BUSY Day!

At this point, I feel like I’m doing all I can do to win this competition. It’s hard! (Sloth: Should have fed me watermelon woman. Suffer the WRATH OF SLOTH!)

I feel like Captain Kirk (The old one) Shaking my fist at the sky and yelling SSSSSSTTTTEEEEEPPPS instead of Kahn. Yep, that overdramatic even. (Sloth: Melon… in fridge… FEED ME.)

Tomorrow is another day. Today I got 21,780 steps in. It’s hard… I think I need to go lay down now. (Sloth: Ha! I win! Nap Time!)


Saturday 8/13

Saturday Aug 13

Who told me to buy a watermelon? (Sloth: That would be me. You’re welcome.)

If you could equate eating to a movie, my watermelon binge would have been Hangover scale. It was a total what? How did that happen? Oh my gosh I feel miserable experience! (Sloth: It was so fantastic I feel like singing in my best Gollum voice “The steps of fools, makes you tools, goals hard to meeeeeet! Our only wish, to eat a dish, so juicy sweeeeeeeet!”)

I cut that watermelon so innocently. Thinking I’ll have a piece. I’ll give my kid a piece. (Sloth: That was not my idea.) It’ll be a cool and refreshing snack. But then I cut into that delectable red flesh of that fruit. (Sloth: My Preeeecccious!)

Something came over me. My brain started talking the strangest illogical logic ever. “It will rot in the fridge.” And “It will get mushy.” And “It tastes so good.” Oh and there was “Watermelon is healthy food, not junk food.”

Before I knew it, the watermelon was gone and my poor kid only got a single bowl of it. (Sloth: Hey! I voted way against your kid getting a bowl. That was my watermelon!)

Do you know how miserable it is to do steps when you are so full you feel like any moment you could explode? (Sloth: I voted nap. You insisted… suffer!)

Anyway, I got in steps. A total of 26,551 of them. (Sloth: Mostly to the bathroom. HA!)


Sunday 8/14

Sunday August 14

Okay, so how do I start this day? Ki and I together are terrible influences on each other. There is not really more that needs to be said than that.

We are 100% purely horrible influences on each other.

This is what had happened… I got up like normal. I hit the exercise as normal. Everything was fine… then I sat down at my computer.

There she was… the shiny beacon of hope known as an IM ringing forth for a wasted day… Ki! It was as happy a moment as if Netflix announced they’re going to start making new episodes of Firefly. Sweet Serenity! Do that Netflix!

Blah Blah Blah, later… Ki is coming over. We’re going to do computer stuff so I can be more helpful and stuff until I make Lenny (that’s my computer’s name) sick again.

So she comes over and she has a dew in her hand. So of course, I have to go get a dew because there is a dew and that stuff is like crack to me! I see it, my hands shake, my mouth waters, I hear the sloth in my head saying “They’re in the kitchen stupid… pop one in the freezer right quick.”

And ya know what? I did! It was delicious! I drank the whole 16.9 oz bottle. (Sloth: Relax… we got the bottles because 1 is 1 no matter how many ounces it is.)

We talked and stuff and then we did what only indulgent as all hell quarter century long friends do, we went to a Chinese buffet and ATE.

Now of course at this buffet they have soda. But not just any soda they have the green elixir of life! They have DEW!

So Ki’s in the bathroom when the waitress comes to get our drink orders. My kid says water, hers coke I think, it came time for the big decision…. Will I be good and order us both water or will I be bad and order us both dew?

I ask her son, what do you think she’ll want? He said “Dew probably.” My brain said good enough! I ordered the dew! It wasn’t as delicious as the bottle… but it was still dew.

We talked, we ate, we laughed, I picked on my kid. It was a great time! It’s the kind of times friends should get to have together. Alas… life. Grown up stuff. Yuck! Always interrupts that fun stuff. Anyway, I would say long story short but let’s get serious here, Sunday was the best day of the week by far!  So why not spend some time on it?

I only got 15,689. Okay, so that day was way lower than any other. But I would trade the entire competition to be able to spend at least one day a week just goofing off with bestie.




Grand total for the week was: 160,169

Average steps per day: 22,881

My goal for this week was to match Ki’s 15,000 step a day goal plus the 25,757 that I was short last week. Which is a total of 130,757 steps for the week. I’m happy to say that even though I didn’t think I did, I beat that goal by 29,412 steps. YAY ME! I kicked that goals butt!

Body Part Last Week Measurement This week Measurement
Bicep 14 Inches 13 ½ Inches
Thigh 24 Inches 22 ½ Inches
Chest 47 Inches 45 Inches
Waist 45 Inches 43 Inches
Hips 45 Inches 44 ½ Inches


Weight Last Week: 206.2                                                               Weight this week: 204.6

Week 1

Week 2

I am making progress! It doesn’t always feel like it, especially with how tired I have been this week after getting in my steps. But like my fortune cookie from a great dinner with my bud reads “If at first you do succeed… try something harder!” I did that. (I taped that fortune to my computer monitor to remind me.) Now onto the next!


Goals for this week:

That's Me! I'm a Sloth!
That’s Me! I’m a Sloth!
  1. Continue to avoid the green elixir of life. (Sloth: 1 is 1 no matter how many ounces… really. It’s math!) Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.
  2. I’m still not counting calories. It’s not good for me to do that. So, this week. Goal is no binges no matter how delicious it is. Stop eating when full.
  3. No calories at all after 8pm and before 5am.
  4. Work on tolerance for jumping jacks. Right now I’m at 20 without dying. I want to get up to 50 without dying.
  5. 15,000 steps a day minimum. If I don’t have it by 10… then I best get to steppin!
  6. More days in gym.
  7. SLEEP! Four and Five hours isn’t enough on school days.
  8. Understand that the scale isn’t always going to reflect how hard I’m working but my shorts are. As long as I’m having to pull up my size 16 shorts, I’m doing something right.

That’s it guys! I hope you are playing along with Team Sloth! She’s a Happy Sloth this week. No Idea how Ki did. But win or lose this week I feel like I’ve done great things!

See ya next Monday!


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