Motivation Monday – Baseline Stats – Team Sloth

DeMotivated Monday – The Sloth Isn’t Feeling It

Warning… Team Sloth is a Crabby Patty. If you are cool with that. Read on…

That's Me! I'm a Sloth!
That’s Me! I’m a Sloth!

Okay, Beck has issues. Beck has times when she doesn’t give two ishes about stuff. Beck is in one of those times right now.

Beck has a super case of don’t want to do this. That goes for everything. I don’t want to work out, I don’t want to watch what I eat like a hawk.

Beck wants a nap, ice cream, and to sit naked on her couch eating massive amounts of potato chips with ranch dip and drink a few cases of mountain dew. That is what Beck really wants to do. (Sloth: Yes… yes… the dark side. Feel the hate!)

Beck is also tired of tasteless boring water. Beck thinks Gatoraide was invented to torture people. It looks like it should taste good but alas… does not. 

Beck thinks Crystal Light would taste a lot better with about a half cup of sugar mixed in. Beck wants to drink mountain dew. Not that diet crap. That’s battery acid! It doesn’t taste anything like a Dew. Dew is AWESOME!

OH! Yeah, Beck is also really ticked off with the food tracker who’s constantly telling me to watch the sugar and carb intake. FYI, the person who figured out you could eat a potato was a genius! Soak in butter.. tasty! Soak in gravy… Tasty! Boil it, mash it, stick it in a stew!  Delicious carb filled happiness!

I don’t like healthy food it, tastes like boiled socks! You keep your stinky broccoli and asparagus. Give me black eyed peas and collard greens boiled all day with a great big ham bone in them to season them up. Just in case you can’t tell, Beck is going through the severe “this sucks royally” phase of the whole weight loss journey. (Sloth: Darth Beck… it has a good ring to it. Let the hate move through you.)

Beck was thinking a sleep challenge was really cool because Beck loves sleep. Sleep is only second to Mountain Dew on the love scale. But oh no.. mmm mmm.. trained myself not to sleep.

Give me a Tardis, I’m going back in time to slap the crap out the teenage Beck and Ki. Tell them “Go to sleep! When you are older you will read studies that say you’ll be a thicky pot pie AND entirely too cranky.”

Since time travel hasn’t been invented yet. I guess I have to retrain myself. (Sloth: What? NO! You were doing so good! Get back on the hate trail!)


The first thing I have to reteach myself is sleeping at night isn’t that sucky. (Sloth: Sleep is awesome at any time.) But it kind of is. I don’t like to sleep at night. It’s the most productive time of my day.

The temperature isn’t as hot. I don’t have air conditioning in my house. Sundown is time to get stuff done. Laundry, dishes, house cleaning. That stuff is all done at night. Do that in the day and my body says “oh you want to die there Gordita? Keep that up.”

I hate it. I don’t want to do anything during the day. Hence the napping in day times.

However, I know that isn’t healthy either. Why? Because my alarm clock goes off at 5 am every single week day. I then spend the next 30 minutes pretending to be Stanley Kubrick demanding another take. Otherwise known as the sleep button beat. Every five minutes until 530 am I beat the alarm clock.

Drag myself out of bed to do battle with my Dragon. The Dragon would be my teenage daughter. If sleeping was an Olympic sport, she’d have tons of gold medals. Then I go about my day. I get up early. Therefore, my sleep should be at night. Fine! It’ll be at night. (Sloth: Come back to the dark side. You were doing so well.)

I am a very angry sloth.



Beck’s Sleep – Basline

Thursday, September 1st

I don’t remember a thing this far back. I really do have to start doing this stuff daily. There’s no way I can remember this. It might as well be ancient history. Live in the now! Oh well, here’s my chart.

Septe 1

 Goal was not met.


Friday, September 2nd

That was a super crappy day. It was raining and nasty out because a hurricane had hit north of us.

I wasn’t feeling the whole adulting thing and decided that I mostly wasn’t going to do it.  

I kept my kid home from school. Spent most of the day sitting around complaining about how it was still raining.

I don’t really remember anything about sleep. Probably should have paid more attention but nope I didn’t.

Sept 2

Nope, no goals were met there either.


Saturday, September 3rd

Nope, not a single memory was stored in the databases about Saturday. Hmm, wonder if crappy sleep messes with your memory?

Sept 3

Hey! I go! Goal met.


Sunday, September 4th

Okay, so I went to bed at wake up time.

But see… what had happened was I saw something on You Tube and said… is that true? Then spent the rest of the night reading up on the sources used for that video. Was it really necessary? No. Did I do it? Yup.

Sept 4

Goal missed.


Monday, September 5th

I think I went to bed kinda Early for me today. It was 1am when I finally crawled into bed.

Then promptly crawled right back out because I had to take a shower.

Yes, that’s a thing for me. There is no “wait till morning” to do that. I will not get to sleep if I have not freshly stepped out of the shower. It won’t happen.

I might as well spend the 20 or 30 minutes to shower than the four or five hours not being able to sleep because I didn’t just get out of the shower. Yes, I know that’s crazy. Add it to the list of nutty buddy behaviors I have.

Sept 5


Beck’s Weight & Measurements

Sloth is saying a big no to weighing and measuring.

I’m not tracking my weight and stuff until I’m in a better overall mood.

That isn’t what this challenge is about. It’s about getting better sleep habits. So, that’s what I’m going to focus on. Hopefully this Fudge It mood will pass by quickly.

This week, my goal is pretty simple. Go to bed at a decent hour and stay there.


Until Next Monday,


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