Monday Motivation – Week 4 – Team RoadRunner

Monday – 8/15


I started the week off very determined.  I was devastated this morning when I learned that Team Sloth left me eating her dust last week and found myself in a deficit of 62,204 steps!

How could Team RoadRunner be so lazy?!

Okay so I stole a page from Team Sloth’s playbook.  I sat down and figured out that in order to make up the deficit, plus meet my 15,000 step per day goal, I needed to get 25,367.3 steps every day for the rest of the week.

I figured this out a little bit too late in the day on Monday so I wasn’t able to catch up to the 25,367.3 on this day.  But if I met that goal for the rest of the week, I could still make up the deficit.  So that was the plan.

My goal for the week was 15,000 steps per day, but my intention was 25,367.3 steps per day.  Sneaky sneaky!


Tuesday – 8/16


Naturally I woke up very determined on Tuesday.  I’m happy to say that I met my goal for the day…and my intention.  I even walked a little extra to make up for Monday.

However…it came with a price.

Doing all that walking on Tuesday made me completely forget to eat for most of the day.

By the end of the night Tuesday, I had a calorie deficit of 2,100.  I was not proud of myself for that, but I was super proud that I got past 30,000 steps.

Fitbit even awarded me TWO badges that day!  The first one was the Classics Badge for completing 25,000 steps in one day.  The second one was the Trail Shoe badge for completing 30,000 steps in one day.  Eh I know they’re just badges, but it’s great to be acknowledged for my efforts.  Ya know?

Classics Badge Week 7
Classics Badge Week 7
Trail Shoe Badge Week 7
Trail Shoe Badge Week 7

Wednesday – 8/17


Wednesday I woke up determined as well.  However…my body did not feel very well.  I woke up tired.  I hate waking up tired!

I used the same strategy that I used on Monday to get my steps in.  But on this particular day, my legs were shaky and kind of cramping.  At first I didn’t really understand why.

Since I wasn’t feeling as energized as usual, I did my bodyweight exercises in the morning knowing that it would be harder to do them in the evening because I was getting weaker and more fatigued as each hour passed.

There was a huge difference with my bodyweight exercises.  I couldn’t even complete the first set and quit on the second set.  Now…I’m not a quitter.  But I straight up gave up.  It just wasn’t happening.

Talking to Brian later in the day, he reminded me that since I had fed my body the day before, it was not going to cooperate because it did not have enough fuel for the muscles to work as much as I wanted them to.  Once again, I had starved myself.  In fact, I was sitting at work fighting sleep by 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  Bad RoadRunner!

Despite not feeling well, I got my intended steps in for the day.  Part of this was because my house lost power in the middle of the day so I had nothing better to do than put some music on my phone and walk during the couple of hours that it was out.  But it was hot and I was tired.  So nearly as soon as I got my steps in, I quit early because why continue when I’m feeling so tired?


Thursday – 8/18


After making sure I consumed enough calories on Wednesday, I woke up feeling better on Thursday…but not 100%.

As soon as I woke up, I had to yank all of my computer equipment out of my office and set it up in my living room because the power outage killed the battery on my Universal Power Supply and I have no plugs in the office that I can get to without moving my ginormous desk…and I’m not going to try that with a broken leg that’s trying to heal.

About halfway through the day, my back was hurting.

What?  I didn’t even complete the bodyweight exercises yesterday, why in the world does my back hurt?  The computer stuff wasn’t heavy, it was just a laptop and a couple flat screen monitors!

I didn’t do anything to cause a flare up…oh…cramps…I know why.  Because my body decides to remind me I’m a female each month by causing back pain, then cramps, then cycling, then cyst pain.  Crap.

Okay…well I’ve been a female for 38 years, I got this!  Walk through it, Ki.  it’ll get your mind off the pain.

Coincidentally, team Sloth is having similar issues today.  She’s in pain too.  But…we’ve both been females for 38 years…we got this!  We’re badasses!  Suck it up, Buttercup!  Get to steppin.

And steppin I did.  While I didn’t get as many as I wanted, I did get more than the intended amount of steps.  YAY!  Team RoadRunner might actually be able to catch up afterall!


Friday – 8/19


Day two of pain, it’s not as bad as it was Thursday, but I’m still just feeling blah.  I didn’t have to work this day because I have every other Friday off of work.  So I slept in.

I knew I was going to take the cemetery tour with Beck that night and I would be driving around town so I decided to go ahead and go get my tires replaced so we didn’t get stranded somewhere in the middle of the night.

My tires have needed to be replaced for a few months now, it’s just that time.  And well…I’ve been too lazy/distracted/busy/tired/whatever…to go get it done.

But I didn’t want to be stranded in the middle of the night so I went ahead and went to the shop.  While my tires were being replaced, I walked laps around the shop.  I had nothing better to do but sit and wait.  Besides…it was funny watching their reaction every time I came around to the bays.  I had cheerleaders!

It was bitter sweet when I finished my last lap and looked up to see a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins right across the street.  But…I resisted the sweets.  I walked over to the gas station and bought a banana and a bottle of water.  Now that’s some major self discipline!  That green elixir of life, otherwise known as Mountain Dew, would have been soooo good right about then.  But I resisted.  Why undo the laps I had just finished?

I spent a lot of time in the car Friday and the cemetery tour was a whole lot of standing still.  So I was not able to squeeze my intended steps in that day.  But I did meet my goal of 15,000 for the day and I was pretty proud that I got past 21,000 with everything I had on the agenda that day.

Got home from the cemetery tour, my back was killing me!  My feet were killing me!  And the swelling in the broken leg took on a whole new form that I hadn’t seen before!  My foot looked deformed, it was almost kind of cool.  Well…considering.  Bedtime came pretty quickly after I got home.


Saturday – 8/20


Leave it to me to forget the most important thing I had on me at Beck’s house last night…my purse.  Of all the things to leave somewhere…my ID, my money, everything I needed to get done what I needed to get done on Saturday.  But that’s me for ya.

I was preoccupied with my bestie and tired from the tour so I left it right next to the chair I had been sitting in at her house the night before.  And of course I didn’t realize it until I was a block away from home…on the other side of town.

Anyway, we agreed to meet on Saturday so I could get it back and take care of my weekend errands.  So I spent several hours in the car on Saturday and by the time I got home, I was exhausted.  Both from traffic and the tour the night before.  I decided rest was in order.  I don’t regret it one bit.  My OCD can shut the hell up, I needed the rest.


Sunday – 8/21


So Sunday I woke up and my OCD was winning.  I was feeling real guilty for not meeting my goal on Saturday.

In fact, I realized that if I would have gotten 15,000 steps on Saturday, I would have met my goal for 15,000 steps on 6 days this week.  But nope, I blew it.

My OCD decided I should be punished by forfeiting my lazy Sunday.  I walked.  I didn’t rest, I walked.  Because OCD sucks.  It has a bad attitude and needs to learn when to butt out.

However, about halfway through Sunday I decided I was tired and I shouldn’t sit there feeling guilty for resting.  I still did a bad ass job this week and I should be patting myself on the back!  Yeah!  Forget you, OCD!  I’m resting.

And that is how I get within reach of my goal and just give up.  I decide to rebel against OCD.  Have I mentioned that I broke my leg 20 minutes after rebelling against Murphy’s Law?  Perhaps I need to reconsider my position on these arguments.

At any rate, I did not get my intended steps in for Sunday.  Because I deserve to rest.  And I don’t feel guilty about allowing myself to rest.  Maybe we’ll see how I feel in pig tails.  (RoadRunner: Nope!  Meep! Meep!)  Oh…right.

Weekly Round Up

Total steps for this week: 145,231 taken

My daily average steps: 19,412

Challenge Steps Week 4
Challenge Steps Week 4



  • Bicep: 13 inches

    Weight Challenge Week 4
    Weight Challenge Week 4

  • Waist: 44.5 inches
  • Hips: 43.5 inches
  • Thighs: 24 inches
  • Chest: 45.5 inches
  • Weight: 202.7

This week was pretty successful as far as getting my steps in and trying to make up some of the deficit I allowed myself to get into.  I’m happy I was able to stick with it most of the week.  I think Team Sloth’s invitation to the Moonlight Cemetery Tour may have been a secret sabotage…but hey…if it works, it works!  (Nah, I’m just kidding, I know my bestie wouldn’t intentionally sabotage me).


So Team RoadRunner is closing the gap.  Will Team Sloth be able to keep her lead?  Or will Team RoadRunner pass right on by and leave her in my dust?  (RoadRunner:  Meep! Meep!)

Goals for this upcoming week:

  1. More water, I need to force that 4th bottle each day.

    Womens Fitness Challenge
    Meep! Meep!

  2. Bodyweight Exercises 4 times this week.
  3. 7 hours of sleep each night.
  4. 20,000 step daily average.

Overall, team RoadRunner plans to kick ass this week while watching out for coyote roadblocks! Anybody out there cheering me on?


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