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This week didn’t go so well.  I tried a new product this week and it ended up throwing me out of ketosis.  Anytime ketosis is jeopardized, I use it as an excuse to have a cheat day.  I need to work on that.

I think its that same behavior that results in my binging.  It’s not like a lot of people, I don’t binge and purge, I just binge.  This week, I took the first step in changing that behavior though.  Instead of stopping all of the healthy habits since I was cheating, I still forced myself to track my macros.

Tracking my macros allowed me to see how damaging the binging behavior was for my health.  It allowed me to hold myself accountable for it still instead of allowing myself to be in denial about it.  As far as how helpful that is, it causes some negative feelings of guilt.  But it also motivates me more to get back on the right track.

It’s not healthy to avoid negative feelings.  Life isn’t all peachy, all the time.  So I am allowing myself to feel and deal with those negative emotions that my behavior causes.  I think this will help me slowly stop that behavior which causes them.

So let’s get into my goals, shall we?

What’s the Plan?

I had planned at least 100 active minutes for four days this week.  I also committed to adding the gym back in this week.

Neither the gym, nor the active goals happened.  At the beginning of the week, I think I allowed keto flu to keep me lazy.  I need to quit letting the excuses take over and push through my lazy days.

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Last Week’s Stats – 08/02/2021

I started the week only about a pound and a half lighter than last week.  I picked up groceries on Sunday and started trying this new product that same day.  But by Tuesday it had kicked me out of keto.  I was back into keto Wednesday but barely.  And then Thursday I was completely out.  So it was definitely that product that was failing me.

2021-08-02 - Fitbit Stats

My step goal was met only twice this week with an increase in steps by only 3,215.  I achieved 44.94 miles the entire week, 1.34 more miles than last week.  My average calorie burn was down 76 calories at an average daily burn of 3,100 calories.  I accomplished 576 active minutes which was up 3 minutes since last week.  I exercised 4 out of 5 days instead of all 7, which was 1 day less than last week.  So, activity wise, this week was very similar to last week.


New Goals

Blood Glucose Log - Week 6

Goal #1 – Diet – Glucose Logs – My diet goal was to keep myself in ketosis and to develop the habit of checking my blood glucose levels before breakfast each dat.  This will help me keep track of where my pre-diabetes stands.  My fasting glucose reading was 200 when I started, which is way too high.  I need to see progress each week.

This week, my diet was a failure but I tried to still monitor my blood glucose throughout the week.  I was doing good up until Friday morning.

I missed two days of blood glucose readings this week.  So this goal was still a failure this week.  I have to do better.


Goal #2 – Exercise – 100 Active Minutes / 4 days – My exercise goal was to accomplish at least 100 active minutes for at least 4 days this week and to continue going to the gym.  I had set out on a beginner’s program at the gym and intended to follow it for six weeks.

But I did not go to the gym this week.  Also, I was active only 2 days.  So I failed this goal too.  I did even worse this week than I had done last week.  I just need to do better.  Plain and simple.


Goal #3 – Diet – Macro Tracking – By tracking my macros each day, I can get a better idea of what I need to be doing to stay in ketosis. I have a spreadsheet that uses conditional formatting to show when I did well and when I didn’t. The red indicates areas that need improvement.

Unlike previous weeks, I kept track of my macros this week… even though the numbers were awful.  I will give myself credit for keeping track of it.

The chart shows that, I started off the week eating real well.  Everything was green.  But it went downhill from there.  It went downhill very fast.

2021-08-02 - Week 6 - Macro Tracker



Lets Go!

This week was not a good week for my goals.  While it wasn’t my fault that I got out of ketosis initially, I didn’t handle it in healthy ways either.  I used it as an excuse instead of coming up with a healthy game plan.  These are behaviors that I will be working on for the foreseeable future.

My goal this week is to finish off the product that keeps me out of ketosis and then get back on track with eating healthy and getting back into keto.

I’ll be back this time next week to let you know that I met these goals of mine.

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How was your week? Did you meet your goals? What are you currently working on? Let us know in the comments below!

Remember, forget skinny…train to be a fit badass!


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