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Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress

Get Moving

I’m doing great with my redemption from the Killer Cardio Challenge. I’ve been active for at least 30 minutes every single day so far this month, except for one.

To make up for the 1 day I missed during November, I will carry the redemption challenge through December 1st.  So if I achieve 30 active minutes on December 1st, I will be redeemed from October’s loss.  Beck has agreed to this deal.  Sometimes we have bad days and it’s okay to allow ourselves a rest day.  We need to do that.

But, I also need to stay active for my own health and well being.  So…going forward, I am going to continue to try and attain 30 active minutes per day in addition to whatever other challenge we have going on at the time.  Afterall, my goal is to become healthy and fit.

Now let’s see how I did with my other goals.



Last Week’s Stats – 11/25/2018

Aside from sleep, all of my numbers were up this week. I took 6,239 more steps than last week with a total of 48,065 steps. This achievement was a little bitter sweet because I was soooo close to my daily goal each and every day but I wasn’t paying attention to it all week and didn’t push myself to reach it.  I travelled 2.61 miles more than last week for a total of 20.08 miles. I was 37 minutes more active this week with 253 active minutes. I exercised 6 days instead of only 4. But Pumpkin Pie kept my weight the same for the week. This week’s stats are pretty good, but I need to do better.

11-25-18 – Weekly Stats


New Goals

Goal #1 – Diet Log – My diet goal for this week was to continue tracking and to keep sodium below 2,300. That will align with the goals set forth by MyFitnessPal. I did a great job of tracking this week.

11-25-2018 – Diet Goal Chart

This week was obviously Thanksgiving week and I had the non-routine issue of my parents arriving back home.  As such, the diet was a bit off the rails this week in both sodium and caloric intake. I’m going to keep the goal of keeping my calories and sodium below the recommendations from MyFitnessPal. So roughly 1,700 calories and 2,300 mg of sodium.


Goal #2 – 30 Min. Cardio / 7 days – My exercise goal was to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in every single day. I did not meet this goal. Therefore, I will keep this goal the same going forward until that becomes a habit. I did do a much better job of it this week and got very close each day, but not quite there so I will keep trying.  My numbers are improving each week, I’m proud of that.

11-25-2018 – Exercise Goal Chart



Goal #3 – 64 ounces of water per day tracked – My daily average for water intake last week was 45 ounces which was 1 ounce more than last week. So I improved, but not by much. So, I will keep my goal for water consumption to increase my daily average to at least 50 ounces, almost there! New habits are hard so we’re doing a slow roll here.

11-25-2018 – Water Log


Goal #4 – 6 hours of sleep per night – My sleep goal was to get 6 hours or more of sleep each night. I did do so well on this goal this week.  I missed three nights, each because I didn’t get to bed before midnight.  I need to get strict about my bedtime again.  I didn’t meet my goal so we’ll just try again next week.

11-25-2018 – Sleep Report


Lets Go!

Overall, my week was really great. I was active all week. I did better on my diet but I messed up a little on my sleep, completely opposite of last week.  I need to nail both.

I’ll be back this time next week to let you know if I met these goals of mine this week.

Womens Fitness Challenge
Meep! Meep!

How was your week? Did you meet your goals this week? What are you currently trying? Let us know in the comments below!

Remember, forget skinny…train to be a fit badass!


a.k.a. Roadrunner

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  1. I love reading through your stories every day. It is so motivational and inspiring.

    I actually follow the other stories and experiences you have shared on your website before. It is just really interesting for anyone to read your everyday experiences and stuff. I should appreciate you for writing your every day goal and how you achieve them is really awesome. Thank you

    1. Hi Sujandar,
      Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. You are the reason I share my progress each day! I firmly believe that people on this journey get better results when they hold themselves accountable and allow their peers to offer support. Your feedback motivates me to continue sharing my results and hoping to inspire others.


    1. Hi Cristina,
      This post is more about setting and maintaining goals for healthier living than it is about a fitness routine for people to follow. Neither of us are medical professionals and can’t recommend any specific routine for newcomers. But what we’ve found throughout our research and journeys is that results are dependent upon several different variables and therefore cannot be predicted by anybody but the person on the journey. For example, how much weight you lose is entirely dependent upon your diet, your exercise habits, your sleep habits, your effort, and your medical history. I have no way of knowing what results you would have with any given routine. All we can do here is share with you the goals we’re setting for ourselves and what works for us. I hope that helps!


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