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Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress

Get Moving

I’m doing great with my redemption from the Killer Cardio Challenge. I’ve been active for at least 30 minutes every single day so far this month.

There’s 1 day that’s going to bug me and that’s yesterday.  The thing is, I was on my feet cooking and cleaning for about four hours straight before my parents arrived.  But none of it counted toward active minutes because I wasn’t moving fast enough to get my heart rate up enough.  By the end of the day my feet were swollen and hurting so bad that I went to bed at dinner time to rest them, so another 30 minutes of power walking wasn’t going to happen.

While I did not get the active minutes on my chart, I’m not counting that as a miss because I was literally up and active for most of the day.  I’m not going to cheat myself.  My charts will reflect one day missed for this month and that will haunt my OCD but I’m going to try to convince myself that I don’t care, I’m redeemed anyway.  If anything, I’ll get 30 active minutes the first few days of December just to say I did the full 31 days for October’s challenge.

Besides, I need to stay active for my own health and well being anyway.

Now let’s see how I did with my other goals.


Last Week’s Stats – 11/19/2018

Most of my numbers are down this week.  I took 10,913 less steps than last week with a total of 41,826 steps. I travelled 4.56 miles less than last week for a total of 17.46 miles. I was 82 minutes less active this week with 216 active minutes. I exercised 4 days. I lost 3.0 pounds since last week also.  This week’s stats are okay, I need to do better though.

11-19-18 – Weekly Stats


New Goals

Goal #1 – Diet Log – My diet goal for this week was to continue tracking and to keep sodium below 2,300. That will align with the goals set forth by MyFitnessPal. I did a great job of tracking this week, except for Wednesday.  I lost my motivation mid-week.

11-19-2018 – Diet Goal Chart

I had a few bad days this week both calorie wise and sodium wise. I’m going to keep the goal of keeping my calories and sodium below the recommendations from MyFitnessPal. So roughly 1,700 calories and 2,300 mg of sodium. I’m happy to report that I did not drink a single drop of Mountain Dew this week, super proud of that.  My sugar cravings were totally under control.  But it was my parent’s welcome home carrot cake that did me in this week.  My carrot cake is about a twice a year event.  This time was one of those, so I forgive myself for the bad days this week.  A carrot cake day is shot from the start as 1 slice of it is a full day’s worth of calories and sodium.

Goal #2 – 30 Min. Cardio / 7 days – My exercise goal was to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in every single day. I did not meet this goal. Therefore, I will keep this goal the same going forward until that becomes a habit. I did do a much better job of it this week and got very close each day, but not quite there so I will keep trying.

11-19-2018 – Exercise Goal Chart

Goal #3 – 64 ounces of water per day tracked – My daily average for water intake last week was 44 ounces which was 1 ounce more than last week. So I improved, but not by much. So, I will keep my goal for water consumption to increase my daily average to at least 50 ounces. New habits are hard so we’re doing a slow roll here.

11-19-2018 – Water Log

Goal #4 – 6 hours of sleep per night – My sleep goal was to get 6 hours or more of sleep each night. I did pretty good on this goal. I only missed one night this week. I didn’t meet my goal though so we’ll just try again next week.

11-19-2018 – Sleep Report


Lets Go!

Overall, my week was really great. I was active all week. I did better on my sleep but I need to step it up on my diet.

I’ll be back this time next week to let you know if I met these goals of mine this week.

Womens Fitness Challenge
Meep! Meep!

How was your week? Did you meet your goals this week? What are you currently trying? Let us know in the comments below!

Remember, forget skinny…train to be a fit badass!


a.k.a. Roadrunner

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