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I Am The Storm Distance Challenge

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The I Am The Storm Distance Challenge is one of the current races we’re working on.  I signed up for it on November 18, 2020.  But, due to Tendonitis in my foot, I did not start the race in 2020.  I had until December 31, 2020 to complete 100 miles and meet my original goal.  But I actually took the time to let my foot heal for a change.

I started this race on January 8, 2021.  I walked 109.72 miles or 176.58 kilometers and completed the race on February 23, 2021.  Yay me!


Race Details

  • Fee:  $29
  • Type:  100 Miles
  • Gear:  Medal, Bib, T-Shirt
  • Difficulty:  Medium
  • Website: I Am The Storm Distance Challenge
  • Charity:  Foundation for Women’s Cancer
  • Days to Complete:  102
  • Dates Available:  9/22/2020 – 2/28/2021



What I Liked

I Am The Storm Distance Challenge Gear

There were several things I liked about the I Am The Storm Distance Challenge:
  • Gear – To me, the medal and bibs are must haves for races.  Getting a shirt also is a nice surprise now and then.  And this one actually had my size!
  • Theme – I love the storm theme.  I love thunderstorms simply because of the power behind them.  This challenge embraces that concept.
  • Distance – The smaller races that only require 5k, 10k or even half marathons are over so quickly that they don’t really do a good job of keeping me focused on being active.  This one does with the goal of 100 miles.  It will take me several days of activity to complete this one.
  • Colors – Purples, greens, and blues are my favorite colors, this challenge has a lot of those colors


What I Disliked

It’s only fair to report what I didn’t like about the I Am The Storm Distance Challenge also, right?  There weren’t many things I disliked about this race.  But there were a few:

  • Availability – This seems to be one of those races that is only offered for a limited time.  I haaate that!  I don’t like to be participating in too many races at one time so I like to spread them out and do them individually.  But since this one is only offered until the end of February 2021, I only had until then to purchase it.  But this isn’t too much of a problem since you can complete the race any time.
  • Shirt – Don’t get me wrong, the shirt is a quality cotton shirt.  I would prefer to have an option for a tank top as I live in Florida where it’s hot almost year round.  Not really complaining here, just being honest.  I wore the shirt just yesterday.



Great Challenge!

So, the I Am The Storm Distance Challenge was a great challenge.  It wasn’t a 5k or 10k that we can finish in a few short hours.  It is a more challenging short term goal that will require us to stay focused for more than a day.  Those are the challenges that will get us to our weight loss goals faster.

I enjoyed this race.  It was a little hard getting back into the swing of walking so much each day after resting for so long.  But that drive to earn the medal and feeling of accomplishment when meeting the goal is quite motivating.  You should definitely give it a shot.

And, by the way, if you’re looking for a cool way to track your progress on your races or just to jot down the details, be sure to check out our Virtual Race Journal.  These journals allow you to document all of the details of your race from start and finish dates to registration fees and pace times, and let’s not forget about that ever so important motivational playlist!  Grab one for yourself while supplies last.

Now… get to stepping!


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