How To Turn Lions Into Kittens

Survival of the Fittest 

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Survival Instinct

It is commonly known that our minds and psychology have been shaped by the world around us.  We have evolved with the times, from cavemen to the highly technical men and women we are today.  Interestingly, a lot of our most unusual behaviors have evolved with the world around us as well.

People were historically in far more dangerous scenarios than we are now and couldn't afford to take so many risks, risks like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.  Our survival instincts have been passed down from generation to generation even as we have evolved.

Yet many people spend a lot of time experiencing chronic stress and anxiety.


The Danger of Ambiguity

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Imagine that you are in the wild, looking at the silhouette of some kind of animal sitting on the horizon.  You don't know if it is a lion or some kind of kitten... what do you do?

Assuming the worst is the most pertinent solution for survival.  Assume it's a lion and either freeze or run.  The people who take the big risks (jumping out of airplanes, for example) would be the most likely to get eaten and therefore not pass on their personality traits!

But the problem is that we don't see lions as the biggest threat in our lives anymore.   Instead, the biggest stressors are things like body image, weight, debt, illness, relationship problems or career issues.  These are the lions that we must now try to overcome if we're going to be successful in life.

But unfortunately, we still have that tendency to assume the worst.


Put Things in Perspective

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Here Kitty Kitty!

Here's the's all about perspective and mindset when it comes to reacting to threats.  If we think it's a kitten, then we will be able to remain cool and calm, even if it is a metaphorical lion.  I mean, kittens are adorable, right?  A lion is just a big kitty!

In other words, in order to take control of our anxiety and stress, we need to reassess our situation.  To turn lions into kittens, we need to assess exactly why we're afraid and whether or not there really is a good reason to be.  Then we can look at contingency plans and coping mechanisms.

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When we can do that, then we can remove the chronic anxiety associated with that lion and makes us feel bad and perform poorly.  Remember, it's all about perspective.  Change your mindset and you change the reality!

Now that you're on the road to feeling good with your adorable kitties, stay tuned for the next mindset transformation post where I'll tell you how to get motivated to do your workout every day!

Until next time, take care and hug your loved ones,


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