Guess Who’s Back!


Guess Who’s Back…Back Again!

Hey! Long time no talk! But I’m back! Yep, that’s right, the Sloth took over and whispered horrible things in my ear. You know things like “This isn’t working girl, take several seats.” and “Aren’t you tired of being sweaty?” That voice is powerful. Combine it with some cardiac health scares for my mom and getting a job and all of that, the gym went out of the window. We say “life” happened.

The Sloth is back! If I’m ultra honest with myself “life” wasn’t the stopping block. It was totally me not feeling it. Not wanting to be on the wagon. There was no injury or illness that sidelined, the biggest enemy I have is myself. The Sloth in me wins often. It’s easier to be lazy than it is to stay focused and push forward towards health goals. Giving up is always easy.

Human beings can excuse almost any behavior. So last week on Sunday I found my fit bit and thought, it wouldn’t hurt anything to track my steps again. Start slow, just see what your doing per day. I charged it up, stuck it on my wrist and went throughout my days just doing what I do. No added exercise, just the steps that I’m taking between work and chores and stuff.

Huh? Look at that, I’m actually getting 10,000 or more per day just doing me. How hard would it be to start being proactive on counting the water I drink and the food I shove in my face. The jury is still out on that second bit but I’m trying it on to see if it fits. I think at this point taking bite sized bits towards getting on the wellness track is the best idea.

Goals? What goals?

I said my entire goal was to not be fat at forty. Well. I’m forty now and I’m still a fatty. Amazingly, I don’t feel super horrible about this. Maybe that’s my lazy not wanting to expend the extra effort it takes to be disappointed. Maybe it’s just I turned forty and survived the process. In fact, I don’t feel a bit different than I did at 39 or 38.. or any other age really. It wasn’t the big deal that I thought it would be. It came, went and I waved bye.

On the plus side I quit smoking in March of 2017. In August I smoked like 1 and a half of Ki’s and decided that they taste horrible. I had quit smoking for the second time in my life. Yay on that! So there ya go, you are updated with Team Sloth. Hopefully my word salad makes some sort of sense to you. Hopefully, you’ll see me again very soon.

Until then, be nice to yourself and others.


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