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Build a Gratitude Attitude & Be Free 

If there is anywhere at all that we should be completely free, it is our own mind.  All of us have some form of limitations in life.  For some of us, it is limitations in terms of what our bodies are capable of doing or what we're allowed to do.  But our minds should be free to roam wherever we want them to go!

Unfortunately, this is not a reality that most of us experience.  Often times, our circumstances are dictating our thoughts or attitude and what sucks is that those circumstances are often beyond our control.

As a result, we often find ourselves feeling dissatisfied and constantly wanting to push forward without stopping to smell the roses and enjoy life as we know it.  We might find ourselves projecting a more negative attitude toward things because we're hurting or stressed and fighting our own battles but we want to look strong to those around us.

Not to start any political or philosophical debates here, but our capitalist lifestyles tend to reinforce this nature and push us to go faster and harder.  The need for instant gratification gets more and more intense as the years go by which only amplifies those feelings of discontent or inferiority.


But Are You Happy?

Many people are constantly in a state of at least slight discontent.  We might feel as though there's one particular thing that would make our lives better and help us be happier, right?

Maybe we wish we had just a little bit more money or maybe a nicer car, a bigger house, for example.  Or maybe we want a better job or better benefits.  How about the latest trend in weight loss?  We want to buy that Keto program or sign up to Weight Watchers or maybe Body Boss because we want to be able to show off our body like those cool skinny people do.

The media may encourage us to buy the most trendy material goods.  The marketing gets more and more persuasive as we feel pressured to be safe, cool, or comfortable.  We want to buy that latest game or the latest clothes fashions or maybe travel to the coolest places.

We keep working harder and longer and adding more stress to our lives to try and accomplish these things that always seem to be just out of our grasp.  This is our economy, it's what keeps the cogs of society spinning, right?  We want what each other has so we work harder to get earn more to buy more.  Does this sound familiar to you?


Make a Change

Let's stop for a minute though and really think about what that thing is that you're really wanting.  Is it a nicer car?  Don't you have a car in the driveway now that gets you where you need to go?  Is it just that it's not as nice as what's being marketed right now on the advertisements?  Is it not as new as your friend's car?  Not as a fancy?

Would having more money really make you happier?  You can travel very cheaply right now, maybe not across the world yet but you could get away for a weekend, couldn't you?  But could you take the time off?  Is it that you can't afford to travel or that you can't afford the time off of work?

Maybe it's that you're on this weight loss journey to get healthy but you're not getting there as fast as you'd like.  More stress isn't going to help that!  Overworking and injuring your body isn't going to get you there faster.

So how do you free your mind and allow yourself to be happy right now?  How can you be happy in spite of the fact that you haven't accomplished your goal yet?  How do you make the change to be freer and happier right now?  The answer is to change your focus.

Instead of fixating on what you don't have and on what you want, focus instead on what you do already have and what you're grateful for.  This is a gratitude attitude and is the fastest route to living a staifying and happy life.  What happens when you do finally get that thing you want?  You're just going to find something else to want, right?

It's okay to want things and work for what we want, that's what we should be doing.  But when you forget that your happiness should not revolve around that one thing, the stress weighs you down and prevents you from feeling that happiness that allows you to be more productive which in turn gets you to your goals faster.

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If you are able to read this post right now, then you have a lot to be grateful for.  Lets focus on that and let our drive and determination push us toward our goals instead of our inner critics.  You are your own worst enemy, take a second to stop and focus on the wonder and beauty around you.  Look how much you've already achieved, aren't you proud of yourself?  I'm proud of you.

Start now!  Take a minute and scroll down below to drop us a few lines telling us what you're grateful for today.  We'd love to hear from you!

Now that you're feeling good, stay tuned for the next mindset transformation post where I'll dive into how to change your mindset and pickup anyone from a bar.  Scary, right?

Until then, take care and hug your loved ones,


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