Golds Gym Toning Ball Product Review

Gold's Gym 5lb Toning Ball




Ease of Use





  • Anti-burst Technology
  • Sand instead of gel
  • Excellent Ease of Use


  • Latex can puncture
  • Slippery when sweaty
  • Not Many Tutorials

Golds Gym Toning Ball Product Review

Golds Gym Toning Ball
Golds Gym Toning Ball

The Golds Gym toning ball is a textured latex ball filled with sand. The sand makes the ball pliable. It will form around your fingers.

A toning ball is the equivalent to old fashioned medicine balls as workouts are concerned. The idea is to use it for throwing and catching, lifting and lowering, and added weight to your stretching and cardio exercise.

Overall, it’s a practical alternative to dumbbell weights.

However, even though golds gym toning ball is textured, it is still made of latex. Therefore, if you sweat the ball can slip from your hands. I would recommend that you either dry your hands frequently on a towel or wear gloves while you work out.

The ball weight is dependent on personal preference. I chose five pounds but they come in a variety of weights.



Toning Ball
Sand Grenade!

I see the sand filling as a bonus to other methods of filling a toning ball. For example, Danskin is filled with gel. There is not any information listed on their balls as to if the gel is toxic, how to clean the gel safely if the ball should get a hole in it, or if the gel can be cleaned from clothing. The list of gel worries could go on and on.

Medicine balls have metal cores meaning if you dropped it on your tile floor accidently, you could be paying for an expensive home repair. The sand filled balls to me are the best because even if a ninja broke into your house and used the ball for sword practice the worst that could happen is you need a dustpan and a broom.

That being said the downside to the golds gym toning ball is that it is latex and can get puncture in it. While the box says Anti burst technology that does not keep it from getting puncture holes. That just means you may not have a sand grenade if you drop it on tile or concrete.


Ball Storage

You should be careful how you store your ball when it’s not in use. It states on the bottom of it not to store on a wooden surface. Maybe this is because wood splinters. But to be safe, mine is not stored on a wooden surface.

You also have to be careful about where you use the ball. I wouldn’t recommend it’s use outside because again, you could puncture your ball.



Medicine Ball
How Do You Use Yours?

Depending on where you purchase your ball, the cost ranges from $7.00 to $20.00 for the exact same weight I currently own. I would say research the prices before ordering or picking up a toning ball.



Overall I’d rate this as useful but not necessary. The ease of use is excellent. Most come with a chart of exercises. However, if you’d like to ramp up your workout finding DVD’s or You Tube videos is harder to accomplish.

Most exercises I’ve found for the toning ball could be done with cheaper hand weights. That being said if you are just looking to vary your workout routines to keep yourself from getting bored, this product is excellent. Keeping your grip in sweaty hands is an exciting change to the general up and downs of weights!


If you can hold onto the ball and get a good workout though, you’re badass!

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.



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  1. Quality


    Ease of Use




    My ball became hard after a 6 months of disuse.
    It is now painful to use it as a massage ball for the base of my spine.
    I used it to put under my back while lying on the floor.
    It is no longer suitable for that purpose.
    I give it high marks of usefulness for the short period it was useful.

    1. Hi E,
      Thanks for the feedback! It looks like a few others have reported the same issue of the ball hardening. It looks like AmazonBasics has some comparable balls that aren’t too much more expensive:


    1. Hi Julie,
      It looks like a few others have reported the same issue of the ball hardening. It sounds like the gel hardens when it isn’t used frequently. It looks like AmazonBasics has some comparable balls that aren’t too much more expensive:


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