Golds Gym Thigh Toner Product Review

Gold's Gym Thigh Toner




Ease of Use





  • It's Cheap
  • Padded


  • It's Cheap!
  • Plastic
  • Doesn't Stay In Place

Golds Gym Thigh Toner

Golds Gym Thigh Toner
Golds Gym Thigh Toner

Golds Gym Thigh Toner…I think you’ll recognize this little purple bad boy.

Back in the day it would be called a thigh master.

It’s advertised as a “compact toning system that works your hips, thighs and glutes. Easy to use, you simply grip the padded handles between your knees and press inward. The thigh trimmer can also be used to strengthen your upper body by pressing the handles with your hands.”

Both claims are totally true. It’s lightweight and is pretty awesome for those moments when your sucked into a Netflix documentary.

I can use it at my desk. I can use it while I watch TV.



Over all it’s useful, but not really necessary.

What I don’t like about it is that the arms are pretty short. You put it in between your knees and need to place your hands on top of them so they don’t pop out all crazy.

Golds Gym Thigh Toner
She Makes It Look Easy!

It’s padded but mmm… to me it’s not super comfortable to press pieces of hard plastic between your knees even with the bit padding.

That’s another thing… it’s plastic. I’m not so sure how durable this piece will be in the long run. I’d personally like to find an original thigh master and see how they compare.

Honestly I could take it or leave it. It gives me something to do at my desk but it’s a far cry from a workout. For $15, if I had it to spend over again.. I’d look for a different piece of equipment.

Do you agree?  Do you have the Golds Gym Thigh Toner at home and have you gotten a good workout with it?  Let us know in the comments.

It’s badass buyer’s remorse for this girl.



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