Golds Gym Stayball Product Review

Gold's Gym Stayball




Ease of Use





  • Anti-burst Technology
  • DVD Included
  • Textured


  • Not Puncture Proof

Golds Gym Stayball

Golds Gym Stayball
It comes with a DVD!

The Golds Gym Stayball 75 cm is the love of my life. Anti-burst technology to me meant that I wasn’t going to burst it open the second I sat or rolled my beginner body over its silvery surface.

It’s a versatile piece of equipment because it can be used for your entire body. It tones, it helps with balance, it’s stable. It is my friend. I named mine. Her name is Silvia.

I think Silvia is the most useful piece of equipment I own, however, her 75cm girth is hard to store. There is nowhere I can put big mama in my house that she doesn’t say “Look at me!” to everyone who walks into that room.


Training Included!

The best part of Silvia is that she came with a DVD telling me how I can use her. That’s so helpful of Gold’s Gym to include that. Silvia also came with an air pump. Airing her up was a workout all by itself. Silvia is cruel that way, she knows she’s awesome and will make you work to get her aired up properly.

Now what is it that makes the Golds Gym stayball different from any other stability ball on the market? She has sand. She has about two pounds of sand inside which means she’s noisy but won’t roll away from you while you’re working with her. Also that increased weight means your toning while working with her.


Anti-burst Technology

The LOVE of my life!

She’s textured so she won’t pop out of your hands if you get sweaty. Silvia… I love you. However anti burst does not mean puncture proof. Silvia is latex. I poked a hole in my Silvia using her outside so that I wouldn’t die in the oven that is my house. I don’t have air conditioning. I thought it would be nice to work out outside one day. Now Silvia has a hole.

Alas, Silvia is no longer holding air even with her duct tape patch. Silvia is dying a slow death and must be laid to rest. I’m sure Silvia II will be the new love of my life and we shall live happily ever after as soon as I buy her.

I promise to take better care of Silvia II and never allow her to see the bad nasty that is puncturing nature. Now this is one piece of Golds Gym equipment that I don’t feel like I got ripped off with. The Golds Gym stayball was $20 for the absolute love of my life and seems perfectly legit to me.


My Recommendation

There are other brands with sand inside them. I would say definitely invest in a stability ball of some kind. You need to look at how much weight it says it can support and if you fall in that weight category. On most the max is 250 pounds.

I would look for a textured ball if you sweat like me, it’s totally useful. The only things I wouldn’t suggest you do is run sumo wrestle with it, throw it at somebody or any of the other really stupid things I’ve seen done on YouTube with a stability ball.

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