Golds Gym Foldable Exercise Mat Product Review

Gold's Gym Foldable Exercise Mat




Ease of Use





  • Foldable
  • Doesn't Curl
  • Easy Storage


  • Slippery
  • Too Thin

Golds Gym Foldable Exercise Mat

Golds Gym Foldable Exercise Mat
Golds Gym Foldable Exercise Mat

The Golds Gym foldable exercise mat is great for the crunches and floor exercises we do to tone up our core.  As many of you know, trying to do these core exercises on hard tile is a KILLER on the back and tail bone.

This mat is about a half an inch thick. It does provide some comfort while working out but on my hard tile I needed more. I still fold an old blanket in half and use it under this mat.

The awesome part of the Golds Gym foldable exercise mat is that it folds. I can easily store it right on top of my step so it is out of my way during the everyday movements of my house.

Because it folds instead of rolls, it lays flat when you are ready to use it instead of curling up on the ends and annoying you while you’re trying to work out.  I like that.


The Downside

Even though it’s slightly textured, when the hands sweat slippage occurs. I combat this issue by laying my lotus yoga mat on top, however, a towel would work just fine.

I paid around $15 for this mat so the price wasn’t that bad. If you don’t have really hard flooring, you don’t really need this piece of equipment.

What mat do you use for your floor exercises?  Do you have the Golds Gym foldable exercise mat?  Let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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