Free Weight Loss Progress Chart

Free Weight Loss Progress Chart

Beginning the first week of July 2016, I started tracking progress on not only weight loss, but also my diet and exercise habits.  I created my own free weight loss progress chart for tracking.  I will be gradually changing my habits to live a more healthy lifestyle and become a fit badass!  So each week I will be coming back to this page and posting my stats for the week.  We’ll call it Motivation Monday.

Ki’s Weight Loss Tracker


My Journey to Getting Fit

As I explained on my About Me page, I’ve been battling my weight since I was in the military.  After getting out of the military, I’ve tried several work out videos and diets to try and get a handle on my weight.  I’ve found that I usually end up overdoing it.  I try too much, too hard, too fast and end up hearting myself.  Each time, I’ve ended up giving up hope and quitting.

For Christmas of 2015, I bought myself a Fitbit.  I had been trying to track my steps for a few years prior to that with a Pedometer that I got from the health benefits at work.  However, I found that I would either forget to clip it to my shoe, or it would fall off, or wouldn’t record steps.  So I had a hard time getting it to work accurately.  I also wanted more than just a Pedometer.  The Fitbit tracks my steps, my active minutes, my sleep, etc.  So I have been gradually changing my habits since I got it as it keeps me motivated to track calories, steps, ect.

In April of 2016, I weighed myself for the first time since Christmas.  I had earned a badge from Fitbit for walking 75 miles.  That was a lot for me.  So I thought let me check the scale.  I weighed 220…still.  My weight hadn’t budged since I bought the Fitbit.  That was hugely demotivating and I gave up for awhile…again.  I had started drinking water and less Mountain Dew.  I am addicted to Mountain Dew.  I do not drink coffee and the Dew serves as my caffeine.  I’ve known it’s a problem for years.  Have tried several times to break that habit.  I end up quitting on that too.  So I created my free weight loss progress chart to help track my calories, carbs, sugar, etc.  If being active wasn’t going to take the weight off, then the problem has to be what I’m eating, right?

Current Challenge
Current Challenge

In May of 2016, I flew to Puerto Rico to visit my parents for vacation.  I had just started back on my goal of reaching 10,000 steps a day.  I was doing pretty well on that in Puerto Rico until I broke my leg on May 11th.  I ended up having to stay in Puerto Rico longer than the 2 weeks I had planned in order to recover from surgery.  I had dislocated my ankle, broke the tibia, and broke the fibula.  It was a very complex break.  So naturally my progress was at a dead stop.

I was able to start putting a little bit of weight on my foot again the first week of July.  But the Orthopedist said to me, “You won’t get 10,000 steps a day, don’t even try.”  Okay…um…challenge accepted!  I had been averaging roughly 1,200 steps per day on just the one foot.  When I was told to go ahead and start putting a little weight on my foot, I was able to double that up to about 2,000 steps per day for the first 5 days.  On day 6, I reached 5,874 steps and then on day 7…July 6th, I finally beat my goal at 10,047 painful steps for the day.  Now I’m trying to keep that painful pace while also trying not to re-injure my broken leg.

So tell me, what are your goals?  What does your path entail right now?



P.S.  If you’d like my free weight loss progress chart to use for yourself, just submit your name and email in the box at the upper right hand side of this page and it’ll take you to your own free copy.


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