Cruise Crunch Challenge – Days 10 & 11

Cruise Crunch Challenge – Thursday – 9/20

Thursday’s Steps

Well howdy! The daily posting thing isn’t really working out for me. Not because I don’t have the time. Just that I don’t have enough to say on any given day. Mostly it’s just been a boxing match with the Sloth to get off my butt and do anything at all. I’m telling you if I hadn’t moved my computer to the gym, there would be no exercise at all.

Let’s discuss my check up. I still have mono. The doc says, “I know you are tired. You need to sleep when you feel you have to sleep and make sure you eat.” Okay Doc. Thanks. That’s super helpful. The secondary infection in my chest is looking good and is responding to the antibiotics albeit a little slow for my taste.

I’m not coughing as much as I was. Doesn’t really feel like elephants on my chest anymore. More like I went swimming and held my breath for long periods of time and now my lungs expect to be deprived so they ache a little. You know what I mean? Probably not. Anyway, short days and Doctor’s visits was my Thursday. It was done and over in a flash, with a lot of napping.

I did not work out at all.


That being said, over 15,000 is not bad for a day of stepping.


Friday – 9/21/2018

Friday’s Steps

Okay, so now it’s Friday, September 21st. It’s a work day. One that I have to get up at Gosh Darn AWFUL in the morning to get to. I have to be at work at 6 am. That’s the time I’m supposed to clock in and get to work. Low and behold… I make it on time. Great!

Going in and out of the walk in freezer and fridge sends me into coughing fits. My lungs don’t like it. I’m already tired by 6:30am. Okay then, It’s going to be a long day. For some unknown reason they scheduled two service employees, Me included in that. That means our jobs are the customer service. We keep those people who spend money there happy and smiling.

And only one manager slash food person. That’s nice. Thanks for that. Not another person came in for work until noon… when we were massively busy. Awesome. So I worked my ass off. Survived the day and clocked out a half an hour late. 10 1/2 hours on my feet. I was over work. My back was killing me. My neck felt like it was going to give up and just let my head roll across the floor.

Everything sucked and I had 22,000 steps and a new understanding that I am absolutely too old to be working this type of job. I have to seek happiness elsewhere when I come back from the cruise. I got home and took a really hot shower to try and relax the sore. That didn’t really work so I did lots of stretching. I can’t say if it really helped at all, but I at least felt like I was doing something to help myself.

Much later sitting in my gym on my computer I decided to do a HIIT Recumbent bike session. The final steps for the day were pretty darn good.


The Sloth says don’t expect much from the weekend. I’m off work. It is very hard to get motivated to do a thing when I’m off work. Let’s see what happens.


Until next time, be kind to yourself and others,



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