Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day… What are we on?

Cruise Crunch Challenge – Catch Up

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Get Moving

You know you haven’t done much of anything when an app that you downloaded, used once and forgot about sends you a message saying, “Don’t give up! Get moving!”

Okay, really quick let me see the last date that was published to know just how many days I haven’t really done anything.

Oh good… September 14th was the last day I did anything. That was like 5 days ago. Great! Let’s get started shall we?

I have not done a single real workout. I’ve done the HIIT recumbent bike in the morning and once in the afternoon. Other than that.

Nope, no workouts. No gym time. Not even an extra brisk walk. I have not felt like it. I’ve actually just felt like curling up in my bed with the Sloth and chillin.

For the most part, that is exactly what I’ve done.


Health Challenges

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Slow Down & Take It Easy

I’m not letting the Sloth take over fully. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t the beginning of another two years off the wagon. This is me feeling like what my body needs right now is more rest than myself and work have been giving it. I have mono and that makes me tired by itself. I’ve developed a secondary infection in my chest. Over all, I’d say my health is failing. I need to pay attention to that and strive to get myself back to 100%. I would say this week I’ve been functioning at about 52%. That’s not good.

I’m terrible about counting calories right now. I’m supposed to try and hit 2,000 while I’m healing. As per the doctor. That shouldn’t be hard. Food is delicious. I love it. Swallowing… that’s not been the most pleasant experience. Ensure, Jello, soup, grits, mashed potato and gravy… that has been the bulk of food intake for the past five days.

I would highly recommend Taco Bell’s Pintos and Cheese. I don’t know about you but I really love their red sauce. I think I bounced off topic… what was I talking about? Oh, I have no idea how many calories I’ve eaten because I haven’t kept track. I have no idea if I’m getting enough calories or way too many. I need to get refocused and start counting them again.


Challenge Stats

So let’s just give you the stats that I do know. Steps. I can tell you how many steps I took on the days that I missed posting.

September 15, 2018 – Day 5

September 16th, 2018 – Day 6

September 17th, 2018 – Day 7

September 18th, 2018, – Day 8

Quick side note to the 18th. Should shed a little light on just how not into working out I’ve been. I woke up that day at 2:30 in the morning with a horrible headache. By the time that meds and stuff had made it tolerable enough to sleep, I was getting ready for work. I went to work at 3am and I stayed working until about 3pm.

I came home, I had the a small conversation and decided that my back and body hurt so bad I needed to lay down for 10 minutes. That 10 minutes lasted until 3:30am on September 19th. Why am I telling you this story? Because all of those steps that I got, the 18,433 steps taken that day were just at work. I find that amazing and terrible at the same time.

There we go. Caught up! As you can see some days were better than others with steps. Compared to the amount I was accomplishing during August’s Challenge… it is super low. I have 12 days left of this challenge before I have to get on that scale and face the music. What music will I hear in my ears? Will it be Pharrell’s Happy or Beethoven’s 5th? Yikes!

Until next time, be kind to yourself and others,


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