Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 9 – 9/19/2018

Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 9

Today’s Steps

We’re almost half way threw this challenge. Which is great! Means just a quick minute before I’m headed out to sea! Also means another challenge is right around the corner. Back to back challenges keeps me focused on my goals. I like that.

The sloth not so much. My precious spirit animal is sick of it.

Today’s conversation went like this. “We’ve been up since 3:30 this morning. I want a nap right now.” And I would answer not now… we have so much to do. Sloth sighed and said, “No. I will not.” And that is the way the whole day went.

I got a very short work out in. Two times a recumbent bike HIIT routines and did some crunches on the ball.

I did take a nap. And then I went to bed pretty early.


That was my day.

Until next time, be nice to yourself and others,


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