Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 5 – 9/14/18

Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 5

It’s Friday! I don’t work on weekends so please pause for a happy dance!! What… go slothy it’s your birthday.. we’re gonna party like it’s your birthday! Okay… I’m back. That was fun. Now what?

Where are we… we’re five days into a 20 day crunch. Right! We’re a fourth of the way to the boat. I totally know I’m over everything because I was asked to stay late and I’m like nah… I got to go. Sorry. I didn’t have to go, I just wanted to go.


Today’s Workout

So now that I’m home what have I done today towards the crunch. I got up at four thirty this morning to have time to do the HIIT recumbent bike routine and a HIIT on the Elliptical machine.

Today's Steps
Today’s Steps

Lets review. The bike routine is a 4 minute normal pedal warm up at a medium resistance. For me this is a level 6. Then you increase the resistance to a higher rate, for me 10, and pedal as hard and as fast as possible for 30 seconds. Bring it back to the 6 and pedal normally for a minute and a half. Repeat this 8 times and then finish up with a three minute cool down at the medium résistance at a normal speed.

The elliptical is kind of the same. Except that I got bored this morning and decided to try and kill myself. Let me explain. I got this idea that I should time HIIT workouts to music yesterday during those extremely boring meetings. You know the ones that the Sloth and I went into a zone and started discussing downloading a play list for the gym? (Sloth: The pool. I will win.) Whatever, we had the conversation about it and I started thinking then what songs would be really challenging to do a High Intensity workout to?

I chose Eminem. The reason his music is very formulaic. There is a chorus then a rap verse… sometimes a real quick spoken rapped verse. Basically what I did was decide if it was a rap verse, I’d go as fast as I possibly could. If it was the featured singer chorus… I’d rest and use the machine at a normal pace.

I did two songs. I did “Beautiful Pain” with Eminem and Sia and “Guts over Fear” with Eminem and Sia. By the time I was done I was covered in sweat. I had just enough time to jump in the shower and wash quick then get to work by 6 am.

I got off work and repeated the HIIT.. both of them. With Eminem and Rhianna’s “Monster and Beautiful”. That’s all I did today.. cause it’s Friday… pause for another Happy Dance… Window… to the wall.. till the sweat rolls down my.. Wha? Okay… let’s end this post before we get too far into that dance.

My final steps for the day: 32,391.


Until tomorrow, take care of yourself and each other.


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