Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 16 – 9/26/2018

Cruise Crunch Challenge – Wednesday

Today’s Steps

Happy Wednesday! I had a very short work out this morning.

My back was killing me so I used a new Pilates tool. I’ll do a review on that some time later. It wasn’t a strenuous workout is what I’m saying.

I did the HIIT Recumbent bike routine twice today. Other than that my day was full of shopping and packing. I needed to get a couple last minute items. Get my hair cut and then come home and figure out how to get all the things into one bag.

I think some of my ideas were pretty genius. Like I brought an extra shopping bag with me by rolling it up in a ball and stuffing it into my camera case. That way if I buy stuff on my trip I’ll have something to carry the stuff home in.

Also we’re spending one night in Tampa so I put the clothes to sleep in and the clothes to change into the next day before we get on the boat into a shopping bag. That way I can leave the dirty clothing in the car and not have to take that on the boat with me at all.

I took a boat load of clothes by putting them in Ziplock bags and sitting on them until all the air was out and then laying them in the suitcase. I was even able to bring a crafty to go box in my suitcase to journal with. I’m like super proud of that packing job.

The real workout of the day was getting that sucker zipped up! The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to take my buddy the sloth. I’m thinking I’m just going to put him in my purse bag. Either way, I really want him to go with me.

Slothin’ It!

Saturday is the end of this challenge and daily logging stuff. A new challenge is right around the corner. I’m excited for that one we’ll be working on a weak spot of mine.

Mostly I’m just super psyched about the cruise! Hold up… happy dance! Go Beck… go… stoppit. Okay! Anyway, I’m not working tomorrow but my day is kind of jam packed anyway. Hopefully I get in a quick workout or two. Not too many steps done today either.

Not a horrible amount but the active minutes were low. Shopping isn’t that much of a workout either. It is now 2 am. I should be asleep. I just didn’t want to be super late with this again.

Until the next time, be nice to yourself and others.


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