Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 15 – 9/25/2018

Cruise Crunch Challenge – Monday

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Mr. Sandman…y u no visit?

Tuesday… such a long day in the history of me. Today was no different. I couldn’t sleep at all the night before. No matter how hard I tried sleep wasn’t coming to see me. The sandman is such a jerk! We had a date. He was a no show. What a flake!

Anyway, my sleep heart break aside, it was a craptastic day. I was exhausted all day long, had to be at work at 6am… my manager on duty was LATE so I was stuck outside for 20 minutes while I waited for her. That’s always nice… it was just a long day.

First thing my Dragon (That’s my kid) didn’t get to school because the step dad thing had issue with his blood sugar. Then my mom took her to school for second shift. That’s 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm.. I hate driving across town after working all day… but whatever! It’s cool. At least the kid got to school.



Opening was three times as hard as it usually is because the manager was late but we still open at the same time and it was the manager’s birthday so she decided that checking her Facebook was more important than work that day. Great… sure no problem! I got it… I didn’t have it… but that’s life. Note to self, start looking for new job the second you get back from the cruise.

New Badge!

Fitbit decided that I must be having a crappy day and it was time to give me a present. About time! It’s been a long time since he’s been a supportive boyfriend and giving me gifts. I mean at first my phone was dinging all the time with the presents, now it takes me a lot of work to get one. My imaginary dating life is kind of crap!

Stood up by the Sandman and now the supportive courtship is down to only if I work at getting it’s attention.  At first I was all awww.. that’s so cool. Fitbit is taking me to New Zealand. Thanks Fitty! You are the best.  Then I was like DANG! Work makes me walk to much! Yup, it happened that fast too. Oh cool.. dang. Super quick. I finally get off work at 4 (That’s an hour late by the way.)

Come home, change clothes… I’m sore all over… my neck… my back… my knees.. whatever. Neck, back, knees and toes… knees and toes. I could write a new song about the pain of being 40 and working too dang hard.

I drag myself to get the kid… I drag myself back home. Then I sit in a shower.. for about an hour just sitting there wishing Calgon could take the ouch away. Wonder who put the FML into my world and why it’s still here. Pretty much I sat in the shower and threw myself an over tired pity party. Complete with suds streamers and maybe a hissy fit or two.


Work…out? Pssshhhh!

Today’s Steps

At this point let me just throw in here that I didn’t do anything but work yesterday. I didn’t work out, or take a walk or even wave at the mailman. I started my shift at 6am. I sat in a car and I sat in the shower. That was all… now let’s take a look at my steps.

Yup, that’s right, 21,453 steps in the hours that I worked. All work, no workouts or anything extra. Just work. I was exhausted. I was so exhausted that I dragged myself out of the shower… dried… put on something that resembled clothing and laid down. I didn’t move again.

At some point the Sandman decided that better late than never for our date and showed up. I slipped off with him and that concludes the day. I don’t want to repeat that day… not now, not ever. It was not a happy day.

Until next time… be nice to yourself and others.


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