Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 12 – 9/22/2018

Cruise Crunch Challenge – Saturday

Today’s Steps

So today was pretty much a loss. Sloth wins the day! I spent like half an hour just laying in bed stretching. If I didn’t get sore laying there, I probably would have stayed in bed.

I did finally get up and go clean my sister’s house. The things I will do for spending money on the cruise.

Anyway, after that I went to McDonald’s. What? You can’t do that on a diet. Shhh… we just won’t tell anybody I had a crap food day. It’ll be alright I still got like week before I have to get on a scale.

Oh that reminds me… I was wrong about the date we’re bailing from here and heading out. We aren’t leaving on Monday we’re leaving on Sunday. So exactly 7 days from today.. this challenge is done. It’s over… it’s finished and I hope to have the first post for our next challenge done.

What was I talking about? Oh what I did today. Nope. Nothing. I mowed my lawn. It was gross.

Gross Lawn All Over Me

Yep, that’s me covered in grass. I had grass in spots that grass should never ever be! And yet… that was my day. You see that really green patch back there? That was because I decided I was tired of being grass covered and dirty more than I thought I needed to mow the lawn. Yup… gave that nonsense right up!

My day is over, I’m about to take my butt to bed but I wanted to get this done before I went back to Sloth Haven.


20,451 steps…that’s not bad for a day that I didn’t work. I guess I wasn’t as lazy as I felt like I was today. See you guys tomorrow!

Until then, be nice to yourself and others,



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