Conquer 2020 – Race Review

Conquer 2020 Virtual Race Review

Conquer 2020 Goal
Girls Got Goals!

The Conquer 2020 Virtual Race was one of our first races.  I saw the “Conquer 2020” theme and just had to have it.  It was so incredibly fitting for the year 2020 too!  It was a rough year, right?

When I saw it, I shared it with Beck and we talked about it.  We discussed setting a goal for 2,020 miles but we were already almost halfway into the year and it would’ve been super challenging to achieve that.  So we decided on 2,020 km instead which was 1,255 miles.  This was a more achievable goal for us at the time.

I signed up for the challenge and set my goal on May 9th, 2020.  That gave me 129 days to get that mileage in.  I needed almost 10 miles per day to achieve my goal.  I can do that!  Totally!

And I did.  It got a little bit dicey toward the end because I ended up with a foot injury in November.  But after resting for six weeks, I was able to make a come back and get just enough steps in to complete my goal by the end of the year.  It was a close one, but I did it!  I completed my goal on December 1, 2020.  Yay me!

Conquer 2020 Race Details

  • Fee:  $34.95
  • Type:  You set the goal
  • Gear:  Medal
  • Difficulty:
  • Website:  My Virtual Mission
  • Charity:  None
  • Days to Complete:  129 for me, 365 if you started at the beginning of the year
  • Dates Available:  1/1/2020 – 12/21/2020



What I Liked About Conquer 2020

Conquer 2020 Package

There were several things I liked about the Conquer 2020 Virtual Race:
  • Medal Quality
  • Conquer Theme
  • Personalized Progress Certificates
  • Device Sync
  • Support Group

The quality of the medal is top notch for sure.  The medal is black, white, and silver in color and has a very simplistic design which we both really like.  I love the Conquer theme, we’re conquering our goals… these challenges… our weight, you name it.

The challenge sends you personalized progress certificates via email as you progress toward your goal.  This helps you to track your progress and stay motivated to keep going.  The challenge allows you to register your fitness device and sync it to the challenge so that you don’t have to manually post all of your activities.

I also liked that there is a Facebook group that you can join and share your own journey.  Unlike many other groups, this group is very supportive and does a real good job of lifting each other up and encouraging each other.  I love that.


What I Disliked About Conquer 2020

Conquer 2020 Personalized Progress Certificates

To be fair, I should share the things I didn’t like about the the Conquer 2020 Virtual Race also.  There were only a few things I disliked about this race:
  • Device Sync
  • Tracking Friends

So while you are able to sync your device automatically, I found that the challenge only counted a small portion of my mileage on many days.  Some days, it tracked every single mile.  Other days, it didn’t.  As a result, I had to go in each month and double check each day to make sure it matched up with my device stats.  When it didn’t, I had to manually enter it.  That was a bit frustrating.

If you have friends that participate in the challenge, you’re able to see their progress, as well as all of the other participants.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find an easy way to search for your friends to see their progress.  You just had a long list of participants and you essentially have to scroll through the list to find the person you’re looking for.  That’s too much effort.


Conquer 2020 Summary

Fitting… no regrets.

Virtual Race Journal

So, the Conquer 2020 Virtual Race was one that I am proud of.  It was a lot of mileage for one year and we both stuck with it all the way through to completion.  We both met our goal.

We got the medals and we found them to be superior quality and more our style than some of the cartoonish ones that are offered by other platforms.  Personally, I liked this challenge so much that I signed up for Conquer 2021 as well.  I highly suggest you do the same!

And, by the way, if you’re looking for a cool way to track your progress on your races or just to jot down the details, be sure to check out our Virtual Race Journal.  These journals allow you to document all of the details of your race from start and finish dates to registration fees and pace times, and let’s not forget about that ever so important motivational playlist!  Grab one for yourself while supplies last.

Now… get to stepping!


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