November Challenge – Beck – Week Five- We are DONE!

November Challenge – 2018 – Beck Oh man this was too much. I thought it would be simple when I wrote it but Math. Math people! What in the world was I thinking? Let’s just jump into it shall we? Self Care Wash my face twice a day. I still have this locked down. 7/7 Brush my teeth twice a day. Still locked down. 7/7 Brush my hair every day….

December 2, 2018

Ki’s Progress – Week 3 – 2018 – Activity

Ki’s Progress – Week 2 – 2018 – Tracking Goal #1 – Diet Log – I did very well with tracking what I ate this week also. But as it turns out, I’m not really understanding how the calorie goal works with Fitbit.  I was under every single day this week.  I think that is the plan.  I’m not real clear on this.  So I’m not sure what to say…

July 31, 2018

Sunday Stats – Week 1 – 2018 – New Goals

Ki’s Progress – Week 1 – 2018 – New Goals Goal #1 – Start Tracking (Again) – I have not been true to myself on this journey for about a year.  This time last year, I moved.  And in doing so, I got too busy to check in each week and it just slipped off of my radar.  No excuses though, I need to get back on the ball and…

June 17, 2018