What Is a Healthy Meal Plan?

What Is a Healthy Meal Plan? What is a healthy meal plan, you ask? Quite simply, a healthy meal plan is one that you can actually achieve. There are many factors to consider when making a meal plan, which differ for each person. We have different health needs and chemical reactions to what we consume, and no one size fits all meal plan is healthy for everybody. The first step…

July 16, 2022

Achievement App Reviews

Achievement App Reviews - Featured
May 26, 2021

Achievement App Reviews After reading Achievement App Reviews, I signed up for Achievement several years ago.  In fact, it was so long ago, I can no longer find the original emails from signing up.  I only keep my email folders for a few years at a time.  Anyway, this is just one of the ways I earn money while getting healthy. The first one I signed up for was HealthyWage. I…


About the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker

About the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker Okay, let’s talk about the Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker.  I bought it because I needed an upgrade from the Fitbit Charge.  I decided on the Fitbit Blaze because it would track my sleep habits and it had a heart rate monitor.  Both of which were a focus in my life at the time. This was an upgrade, so I paid a bit more for…

April 22, 2021

Virtual Race Journal – Product Review

Virtual Race Journal
November 17, 2020

Virtual Race Journal Product Review Guys & Gals, I am so excited to write this post.  Recently, with Covid-19, the Sloth and I have been participating in Virtual Races this year to keep ourselves motivated and active.  We’ve found that these Virtual Races may be slightly addictive though, just a little forewarning. We’ve now signed up for so many, that’ we’ve had some trouble keeping track of them all!  But…


Fitbit Charge Product Review

Fitbit Charge Product Review This Fitbit Charge product review will go over my honest opinion of what I liked and disliked about the Fitbit Charge. This was the very first step/fitness tracker that I actually purchased for myself and didn’t get for free. I bought it because the free one I received from work quit functioning after a few years of use.  I wanted something a little more high tech,…

July 12, 2020

Product Review: 3 Zer0s Italian Style Dressing

3 Zer0’s Italian Style Dressing Zero Calories! Zero Carbs! Zero Fat! Tastes Great! Sugar Free! Low Sodium! That is what the front of this bottle of dressing says. One of those descriptive terms is an absolute lie. Let’s flip this bottle over and look and the nutrition facts. Bunch of zeros. That’s great… 55mg of sodium, I guess that’s where they get the low for the sodium and not zero….

September 21, 2018

Texas BBQ – The Seaweed Snack – Product Review

Description The Seaweed Snack by Ocean’s Halo is a USDA-Certified Organic Seaweed with natural Sea Salt.  It is non-GMO, certified Vegan as well.  There are only 20 calories per serving and this snack is high in Vitamin B-12 and Iodine. It comes in a few different flavors: Sea Salt, Texas BBQ, Maui Onion, and Sriracha.  However, we’ve only tasted the Texas BBQ flavor. The price for these are pretty good.  While…

October 25, 2016

Weight Watchers Resistance Cord Set – Product Review

Weight Watchers Resistance Cord Set Alas again, the Dollar General bargain of $5 for equipment got me. This time, I was happy with what I paid for. I got less in this set than I did the yoga set. It only came with one cord that doesn’t actually specify how much resistance it is equivalent too. But never fear, you can always go to Amazon and get a full set…

September 28, 2016

Weight Watchers Beginners Yoga Set – Product Review

Weight Watchers Yoga Block and Strap Set Although I have practiced yoga in the past, I haven’t actually started my yoga practice in my current journey. I bought this set at a Dollar General because it had a DVD with it and I thought HEY! Let’s try that! Okay, now to the actual products that were included in this set. It came with a single block. Back in the day…

August 31, 2016

Perfect Fitness Crunch Product Review

Perfect Fitness Crunch The Perfect Fitness Crunch is a piece I affectionately call my torture device. While it is effective to do your crunches with it, as a beginner it’s hard work! My spirit animal is a sloth so when it comes to the set aside time to use this piece there is a ton of whining going on in my house. The hardest part of using this piece of equipment…

August 4, 2016