Monday Motivation – Ki – 10/22/2018

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress I didn’t post last week.  It’s October, remember? October struck again last Monday with the flu.  I ended up leaving work shortly after noon and going back to bed for the remainder of the week…which is why I didn’t post Monday. Since I was sick and in bed, I didn’t eat much so I’m sure MyFitnessPal would’ve been disappointed in me.  But, I was…

October 22, 2018

Monday Motivation – Ki – 10/8/2018

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress It’s October.  Oh boy…it’s October.  Okay so, October is a pretty fun month what with Halloween and the holidays approaching and whatnot.  But for me, there’s been a pattern over the last decade where things just go wrong in my life and it winds up being a highly stressful month which usually causes me to move mountains to make it through the month. One…

October 9, 2018

Monday Motivation – Ki – 10/1/2018

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress I fell off the wagon again.  Surprise!  So, that’s the extent that I’m going to beat myself up about it.  Let’s move on. I tried several times in my life to quit smoking.  I tried on my own, I tried with friends, I tried with my husband, I tried with my parents, I tried a smoking cessation class, I tried using my pregnancy.  I…

October 1, 2018