October Fitness Challenge – Team Sloth – Baseline Stats

A Word From The Sloth Hello all! Sloth here to tell you that I’m not thrilled about this challenge. It looks hard, I don’t really want to do this and Beck will follow my lead. Slothtember was a highly successful month for me to kill her motivation and move her right into the don’t do a dang thing mentality. I have taught her that watermelon and You Tube are fantastic…

October 4, 2016

October Fitness Challenge – Bat Wings!

October Fitness Challenge As we finish up the last few days of September’s Sleep Challenge, it’s time to introduce our next challenge. We both have wiggly, jiggly arms that we’d really like to get rid of.  So this month, since it is the month of Halloween, we are going to focus on our bat wings!  By bat wings, we mean the wiggly, jiggly on the back of our arms that…

October 1, 2016