Are Eggs Healthy Eating – Dilemma Slightly Cracked

Are Eggs Healthy Eating? When I posted my recipe for Scotch Eggs, one of the questions I received was how many eggs should we consume per day. The question is great because eggs are no longer the villains that we once thought they were. The great thing about science is that it’s ever changing! We’re pretty regularly learning new things and increasing the accuracy of the facts with which we…

December 6, 2018

Scotch Eggs

New Breakfast Recipe – Scotch Eggs Okay guys, listen, my son HATES hard-boiled eggs. Always has. I don’t necessarily love them unless they’re deviled.  But I’ll occasionally eat hard-boiled eggs with a touch of pepper. I used to eat them with a touch of salt but pepper helps get your water consumption up while salt helps get your blood pressure up! So I switched to pepper. Anyway, my son won’t…

December 5, 2018

Try This New Breakfast Bubble Up Recipe

Breakfast Bubble Up
March 20, 2018

Breakfast Bubble Up Recipe Sure, I know recipes are nothing new, well Breakfast is for me. But recipes are new to this particular website. Baby steps, remember? From now on I’ll be sharing any new recipes I try and how they will help this weight loss journey of mine, just a reminder…if you want to follow my progress, just check out this My Progress page for my weekly progress posts….