Personal Comments…Shame on Them!

Let’s Talk Personal Comments Back in April I got a job in customer service. This job requires me to be nice to people, walk around and make sure they’re having a pleasant experience while also cleaning up after said messy people. It is a ton of walking everyday. It’s also tedious, mind numbingly repetitive and somewhat physically demanding on my sloth body. What is the point to this? Oh yeah!…

July 31, 2018

Playmate Body Shaming – Dani Mathers

Dear Dani, A playmate body shaming, really?!  How DARE you!  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Just because you choose to show your nude body to the world does NOT give you the right to share anybody else’s.  I’ll get to body shaming in a minute but invading that lady’s privacy and posting it for the world to see, whether accidental or not, is absolutely unacceptable! As a woman, how…

July 14, 2016