CAP vs. Danskin Dumbell Weights

CAP vs. Danskin Dumbell Weights

CAP vs. Danskin Dumbell Weights
CAP Dumbell Weights

My personal preference for dumbbell weights is the cheaper the better. Mine are all cast iron filled. CAP brand is low cost and covered in neoprene to help you with your grip.

I also have a set of Danskin now hand weights that are covered in vinyl. Not my favorite weights because I sweat. When I sweat the Danskin weights slip in my hands.

The Danskin weights have rounded ends with a flat bottom so they don’t roll all over the place. The CAP weights have hexagon ends and also do not roll when being stored.

By far I think the price point on the CAP weights makes them a better value. The Danskin weights were bought years ago when I thought expensive must mean better. I paid around $20 for a set of three pound weights. These days, I pretty much think that’s crazy to spend that kind of money on a set of weights. CAP weights are just as good if not better and you can buy them starting at $1.69 each. That makes a set of two under $5.



The price point depends on the amount of weight you want as well. For example, for a 15-pound weight you could be spending $15 each. It depends on your goal and what you need.

More weight costs more

I personally would rate dumbbell weights as absolutely vital for home workouts. They’re perfect for toning. You can’t argue with the basics. They just work.

I would highly recommend looking for dumbbells that have a cast iron center. I personally recommend a neoprene coating but if you prefer vinyl, by all means go for it.


A Few Words of Caution

Avoid weights that are made of plastic, these will eventually dry out and break. Also avoid weights that are advertised as being for women. They usually cost WAY more than generic weights and aren’t any better. And avoid them if their weight just doesn’t feel like the weight it says on the label. (You can find some like that at Walmart. Go figure, they’re also the plastic ones.)

Equipment is an investment. Use good judgement when you’re investing and you can’t go wrong.

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