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Cajun Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Cajun Chicken Alfredo - Meal Prep

The second meal I'm prepping for this week is a meal that I've made 2 or 3 times before and is a family favorite. My son specifically requested this meal this week.  He also requested Taco Bowls plus I tried the new Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Stew.  Since I only go grocery shopping every two weeks, I try to prep half a dozen different meals or so to make sure we have a good variety to choose from for those two weeks.

This meal is Polish-Italian cuisine at it's finest with some penne pasta in alfredo sauce with sausage slices and cubed chicken breasts with a little Cajun seasoning to boot.  It is absolutely delicious!  It reheats very well and keeps well in the freezer.

I made this for lunch today and it made 9 servings.  Two of which, my son and I ate right away.  That left 7 servings for me to dish up for the next two weeks.  I made some parmesan broccoli as a side item with this dish as well, so good.  When we're wanting this meal, we simply thaw it in the refrigerator overnight and then microwave it for 2 minutes and it's ready.  This is incredibly convenient for lunch or after work.

Of course, as usual, I've provided the essential health metrics, you know for tracking purposes!  I have entered the recipe for this dish on both MyFitnessPal and Weight Watchers, as well as Fitbit in order to be able to provide the numbers for you. You're welcome! If you just want the recipe though, feel free to scroll on down to the bottom of this post.  Thick skinned, won't hurt my feelings, promise!



I tried using the Fitbit website to track my meals.   The only complaint I have about tracking it with this tool is that it doesn't have a spot for you to enter the number of servings when you put in a Meal.  It allows you to enter a meal and name it so that you can log several ingredients at one time.  But when I make a meal, I make 6 - 10 servings of it because I meal prep.

Without being able to enter a number of servings, it logs all 6 - 10 servings when I try to use the Meal feature to log it.  Logging my lunch today, for the Cajun Chicken Alfredo, was the first time I used this feature.  So, I ended up having to go back and adjust the amount for each ingredient guestimating how much it would be for one serving.  This isn't as accurate as using MyFitnessPal or Weight Watchers.  I do intend to make a suggestion to Fitbit to fix that piece, but until they do, I won't be using Fitbit for tracking meals.

Cajun Chicken Alfredo - Fitbit

My guestimations on the Fitbit website give me a lower calorie count than does MyFitnessPal.  But again, these were just estimations on my part and I'm not confident that they are accurate.  So, for this meal, I'll use the counts provided by MyFitnessPal.




I mainly use the MyFitnessPal website to track my meals. This allows me to keep track of how many calories I consume each day, as well as Sodium, Protein, Fat, etc. Unlike Fitbit, MyFitnessPal also tracks the sugar in each meal which is fairly important for a weight loss journey.  One of the main problems with my diet is that I regularly don't consume enough calories. MyFitnessPal helps me to know when I need to eat more and I'm learning to spread smaller meals throughout the day to get those calories in.

Cajun Chicken Alfredo - MyFitnessPal

This is a little frustrating.  The numbers provided by one site are quite different than those provided by the other.  That's annoying.  But part of that is because I was guestimating on the Fitbit site and the MyFitnessPal site didn't have the exact ingredients that I used.  So, all in all, I guess my numbers are somewhere in between the two.  Frustrating, right?

From now on, I'll be sure to enter the ingredients when I'm actually making the dish, or before, so that I can use the nutrition facts on the back of the packaging to get the precise numbers for the dish.  That should help quite a bit.  But since I made this dish last weekend, the containers have already been thrown out and the trash is gone.  Sorry about that!


Weight Watchers

If you're following the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program, this meal won't be one that you want to frequent. It is a whopping 21 points total for one serving! As you can see from the breakdown below, the high number of points is due to the sausage, alfredo, and pasta.


You would want to find a few meals with real low points for days you want to have this Cajun Chicken Alfredo meal.  Of course, you could also get creative and alter the recipe to reduce the points.  For instance, chicken alfredo is delicious by itself without sausage.  But remember, if your aiming for 26 points per day, you could also eat low point meals for two meals on this day so that this delicious dish doesn't hurt ya so bad.

Alternatively, you could make the alfredo sauce with milk or half & half instead of heavy cream.  Whole milk only has 8 grams of fat per 1 cup compared to the 96 grams of fat per 1 cup of heavy cream.  That's a BIG difference!  Half & half works too but makes the sauce thinner, perhaps a little more parmesan would thicken it back up.

While this meal isn't necessarily one of the most healthier meals I make, it is a great comfort food and one that my son loves.  Since he doesn't complain about the super healthy meals, I don't complain about the comfort meals now and then.  It works out!  Remember, the idea is to forget skinny and be a healthy and fit badass, not cheat yourself of delicious food.  Everything is fine in moderation, right?

Talk soon,



P.S. Scroll all the way down for the recipe!

Cajun Chicken Alfredo

Penne pasta lathered in creamy alfredo sauce with the main protein of smoked sausage and chicken breasts mixed in.

  • 3 cloves garlic (minced)
  • 2 TBsp olive oil (extra virgin)
  • 14 oz smoked sausage (sliced)
  • 2 units chicken breasts (boneless, skinless, chopped)
  • 1 TBsp cajun seasoning
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cups Parmesan cheese (grated)
  • 1/4 cups parsley (chopped)
  • 4 cups penne pasta (cooked, drained)
  1. Heat Olive Oil.
  2. Saute garlic in oil.
  3. Brown Sausage slices in oil and garlic.
  4. Add chicken cubes. Cook thoroughly.
  5. Add Cajun Seasoning.
  6. Add cream. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.
  7. Add cooked pasta. Mix thoroughly.
  8. Add parmesan cheese and parsley. Mix thoroughly.
  9. Serve!

Served with parmesan broccoli on the side.

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