Beck’s Stats 9-3 to 9-9

Beck’s Progress – September 3 – September 9, 2018

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Increased Steps Challenge

Okie dokie so this is my last week of the increased steps challenge. Week four, I’m done with this challenge. To be honest my stick to it for over a month is just really difficult.

How do we start this post? Let’s just go like we normally do and talk about the week. Actually, scratch that… let us back up a bit and talk about last week.

Remember how I was starting to just not feel it? I was kind of tired and had the don’t wanna so bad. Yeah… that tired and don’t feel like it continued into Monday with an added bonus of a sore throat. So let’s start there.


Daily Journal

Monday, September 3 – I feel awful. My body aches. I feel tired. My throat hurts. I have a headache. I feel like crud. Just 100% bleh.. just.. bleh. I wasn’t sure about this 30,000 step goal last week. It seemed a little extra to try for the 25,000 last week. Pushing it up to 30,000 seemed a bit much. Work took care of most of that issue for me today. I ended the day with 30,980 steps. I hit all my goals. Food intake was actually a little too low with 1,100 calories and burned 4,655 calories.

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Journal for the Week

Tuesday, September 4 – Not feeling any better. I feel just like microwaved death. My joints ache. Everything just feels super bad. I start thinking crap, I have the flu or something.

But I’m working so I’m okay. Throat still hurts. I hit goals. Food is still a little low with 1,200 calories ingested and 4,197 burned. I ended up with 31,404 steps done.

Wednesday, September 5 – Uh uh. This day needs to be canceled. Let’s just not do it. I didn’t go to work. I did run some simple errands but nothing strenuous at all. Oh and have you noticed there has not been one trip to the gym yet this week? That is not accidental. I just did not feel like I could physically do it. Okay, I need a doctor.

I made an appointment for the next day, came home for the day around noon, took a four hour nap and still wasn’t feeling any better really. My kid goes to take the dog out and there is a snake. Perfect. So I go outside and mow the lawn down so they won’t come where the people are. Come inside feeling like microwaved death and sat down for the rest of the day. I ended the day with 30,392 hard earned steps. Honestly, I shouldn’t have done half of that. I hit all my goals. Consumed 1,500 calories and burned 3,830 Calories.

Thursday, September 6 – 6 am work day. I love and hate these days. I go to work early and get off early leaving more hours in the day. But I also work much harder. I’m still feeling terrible and I’m starting to worry that I have strep throat.

I put off cleaning my sister’s house and go to the doctor instead. Nope, I do not have strep throat. They took some blood and told me it would be probably about 24 to 48 hours for the lab to know for sure but she thinks I have Mononucleosis. What? Really? Cause as a 20 something I just kissed people all willy nilly and never got it. How in the world do I, a 40 year old non kisser of strange get mono?

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Thanks a lot!!!

Her best guess? Money. I handle money all day long. Strange people’s coughed on, sneezed on, sweat on, grossed up money. Fantastic. Well give me an antibiotic! Nope, that’s not a treatment. There isn’t one. You take some Tylenol for the aches and pains. Keep the fever down.. spray your throat with spray and gargle salt water. Keep hydrated and rest. Lots and lots of rest. Within a month or two you should feel right as rain. WHAT!? A MONTH OR TWO?! Are you trippin?

I don’t have a month or two to feel this bad. I’m going on a cruise October 1st. It’s my first cruise ever! My first time out of the country! I don’t want to feel like crap. Tough luck. If this is the case, then that’s what is going to happen. I came home, took a nap. Spent the rest of the day in my chair. Calorie intake was a low at 900 calories and I burned 3,897 Calories. Took 30,460 steps.

Friday, September 7th – Another 6 am day. I worked 81/2 hours today. In that time I got over 22,000 steps. I was supposed to go get a long cabinet and rip apart my craft room but that didn’t happen. My doctor called and asked me to come in. So I did. I have mono. I’m also anemic.

She told me to go back to 2,000 calories even if I don’t feel like eating, do it anyway. Take iron and a multi vitamin and most importantly rest. Stop pushing my body so hard right now. When I’m better, I can get back to pushing it really hard. But for right now I have to stop doing that. Her advice was to go ahead and do my check weight and measurement check in here as I normally would but for the next few weeks not be obsessed with loosing. If I gain a little so be it. My health is far more important.

I’m listening. It’s hard to do that because I was seeing results from this challenge but my health is the most important part of this journey. I am going to get back to the gym, I just don’t know how much I’ll be able to do and I still have to work. There’s the whole bills thing that need to be paid and all that so I don’t think my steps will suffer. I’m going to do what my doctor suggests. As we all should.

So how did this day end? My goals were all hit. Except the food change. I ingested around 1,320, I just didn’t feel like chewing to be honest. I burned 4,102 calories. My steps for the day was 26,801. It probably would have been more, but I decided to lay down for a nap at 6:30ish and didn’t wake up again until 11:30pm. In fact it’s 1:22AM on Saturday morning right now.

I just wanted to get most of this very disappointing week down while I felt okay. I have so much I want to get done before October 1st. I’m so afraid that I won’t get it done. Worse than that I’m afraid that I will feel bad for my vacation. There is no other way to put it. I’m just really sad today.

Active Week

Saturday, September 9 – I went back to bed and slept until almost 9 am. I got up and with lots of help I finally tamed my over grown back yard. That was a lot of work and sweat. My fever got a little bit out of control but some aspirin and a cool shower later I was back on track. I was supposed to do a lot of things today that I just didn’t do. For one reason or another my plans got rearranged.

For most of the day I just felt sad and defeated. Being sick sucks. It’s draining by itself but when you start letting the Sloth whisper the cruel things you don’t want hear. It’s worse. “The doctor says you have to take it easy. You should just give this up.”, “That’s not enough calories… why don’t you go get some ice cream.. that has plenty of calories. The doctor said to increase while your weakened. You should listen to the doctor. Ice cream is a great way to do it.”, “Four hour naps aren’t making you feel any better… you know what… let’s just go to bed and stay there. Everything will work itself out.”

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Slow & Steady Wins the Race!

Hol’ up Slothy buddy. I’m sick, I’m not defeated. I don’t feel up to getting on my treadmill so I sat down on my stationary bike and I started looking over my next challenge. Really dissecting what I had planned to do for the next challenge before my vacation. I think I have a workable, breathable plan that I can do even on the days that I just feel wrecked. Suddenly… I feel more hopeful, have a plan, and have goals.

Lets continue to work towards the ultimate goal. I just have to stay focused and listen to my body when it says no. If it says no, stop. That being said… how did I do today? The yard made me hit my exercise goals. I hit my water goal. I did not hit 2,000 calories. Swallowing is hard. It was a couple cans of soup, mashed potatoes and lots of sugar free jello. And yes… mountain dew. I know, soda is horrible and shouldn’t but I did it anyway. Lemme lone, I’m sick. That’s my excuse and I’m keeping it. I hit 1,500 calories consumed and  burned 4,547 calories.  I managed to accomplish 32,410 steps!

Sunday, September 10 – Today was a clean my sister’s house and my own day. Other than some bike stuff… I didn’t do much more than just exist. I had to take two naps today. Days off are great for that. You get the rest you need with the work you want. I consumed 1,100 calories with two Dews. I burned 4,496 and took 30,582 steps. Yay! I’m done!


Challenge Results

Okay, so let’s go over the final results of this challenge.

Recap Day 1 Measurements:

August 2018 – Side
August 2018


  • Weight: 225 Pounds
    Arm: 15 inches
  • Thigh: 25
  • Chest: 49
  • Hips: 47
  • Two inches above navel: 53 Inches    Two inches below navel:  50 Inches







Recap Two Week Check in:

  • Weight: 219
  • Arm: 14
  • Thigh:   24
  • Chest: 48
  • Hips: 45
  • Two inches above navel: 46 Inches
  • Two inches below navel: 48 Inches


Fourth and Final week Check OUT:


(Side note… totally know my socks don’t match and totally don’t care. I put on whatever I grab out of my sock basket.)

  • Arm: 14
  • Thigh:   22
  • Chest: 46
  • Hips:  45
  • Two inches above navel: 45
  • Two inches below navel: 46

Total weight lost: 10.8 pounds.

I did take front and side photos but I didn’t have very good lighting and upon reviewing there wasn’t much of a difference in the before and after. I’m going to keep those before to continue to compare. When there is a big difference, I’m sure I will post.


Challenge Conclusion

I feel like this challenge was a success. There were only two days in this entire challenge that I did not accomplish my daily step goal. A few days that I busted the calorie goals.  How amazing is that? I set goals and stuck to them most of the time. That’s awesome. I did a great job!

I’m looking forward to starting the Cruise Crunch challenge tomorrow.  That will be 20 days not a full month. I leave for my Cruise on October 1st and I do believe that Ki and I are starting a new challenge on October 1st. Well, not new.. we’re dusting off an old one. Either way, that’s in the future so I’m going to put down my crystal ball and get onto Cruise Crunch Challenge starting tomorrow.

Until then, be nice to yourself and others.


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