Beck’s Stats: 8-27 to 9-02 – Increased Steps

Beck’s Progress – August 27 – September 2, 2018

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Focus on Your Goals

More steps…oh man this week ya’ll. What can I say about this week? It was full of hits and misses… broken goals and missed goals.

Dramatic much? Nah… it was kinda an easy going week for the most part. Maybe it wasn’t and I just wasn’t stressed about it?

Who knows… I’m just super psyched that this isn’t a weigh and measure week! That is amazing!

I’ll be stressed out next post when it’s the END of this challenge and I do have to get on the scale again.

Until then, I’m going to take a great big breath and just breathe!



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So this weeks goals: Three to Four Gym visits (I’m guessing. My Slothiness is too dang lazy to go and check and make sure.) 25,000 steps per day! I believe it was 1,800 calories per day.

Monday, August 27 All goals were golden! I went to the gym before work, consumed 1,674 calories, burned 4,109 calories, and hit my water goals and exercise goals. And my steps… 25,284. YAASSSS! I killed those goals. Way to go Sloth!

Tuesday, August 28th I went to the gym after work. Consumed 1,246 calories. Burned 3,968 calories. I hit my water goals, hit my exercise goals and steps 25,543!

Wednesday, August 29th This is normally a day that I take my mom to the Gym. I’m off work the full day and she likes getting out of the house. She didn’t go today. So I went and worked out the same as the last two days. Went grocery shopping and did other errands. Picked up my Dragon child. Much later I went back to the gym with my Dragon Child. So what about the other goals? I consumed 1,996 calories (Yikes!), and burned 3,729 calories. The water goals and the exercise goals were met. Took 25,194 steps.

Thursday, August 30th I went to the gym before work today. That’s five trips to the gym if you are keeping score. The Sloth started back talking so bad! “Why are you doing this? You are going to make us sore.” “Really, this is as good as it gets why are you pushing it?” “I’m tired, let’s take a nap.” Shut up! I’m not listening… but I am SUPER hungry today. (Sloth rubs his little three claws together completely happy.) And why you ask? Cause I consumed 2,240 calories today. I really was feeling like I was starved, all day long.  So I ate, but burned 3,729 calories and hit my water and exercise goals with a total of 25,194 steps.

Now before we get to Friday, I want to point out the numbers here. They are just barely over the 25,000 step goal. The past weeks I’ve been soaring over goal numbers most days. This week… I’m not. Is it too hard? Is it the chaffing that’s happening on my upper thigh? Or is it the Sloth is starting to win. He’s a sly little jerk. His doubts start creeping in… his tired… don’t wanna… it all starts to press down. This weekend… was a little victory for him. I did not go to the gym even one day. I missed my calorie goals. And… (Insert huge sigh) Well just keep reading. We’ll discuss.

This Week’s Stats

Friday, August 31st I woke up with the Sloth heavy on my shoulder. I don’t want to do this. Not just working out, I don’t want to do any of it. “Call in!” No Sloth. “Why not?” Money Sloth, vacation is just around the corner. Sloth goes and pouts. I do nothing before work; no breakfast made and don’t have to get the kid up. I literally do nothing but lay there before work.

I work my time and head straight over to my mom’s house. She’s out of town and I have to make sure her boyfriend eats dinner. Go and sit with him for what seems like a million and one years. Inside my head the Sloth is discussing with me whether or not we’re going to go home and cook after this. The ultimate decision came when the old man said “I want Backyard Burger.” Well yup… let’s do that. So we did.

If you could see me right now, I’ve got a grin… cause I know this is only my first bad food decision of this weekend. AND… Nope, not sorry. The Sloth had his chicken sandwich and side salad and felt better. Left the old man and Oh man! I forgot my sister is ALSO out of town and I have to go walk her dog! So I did that.

Finally came back home and decided I didn’t care where my steps were, I was done. I was chilling for a little while and then going to bed; NOT going to even check the steps. I don’t care. (Crosses arms and nods matter of fact!) So what were the final results of this day? I consumed 1,905 calories. Missed goal by 105. Burned 3,886 calories and hit water goals. Somehow I actually hit the exercise goals. Steps you ask? Well… we’re gonna call this one by the skin of my teeth. 25,081. Yes… that’s right… just 81 steps over goal. I’m pretty sure those were on the way to bed.

Saturday, September 1st Me and the Sloth spent the night cuddling and cussin. Lots of whispering back and forth about how much we want this goal over with. Maybe we won’t make one so dang long again. We’re off today so we sleep in. By sleep in I mean I woke up at 6:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep so we laid in bed refusing to move until we had to pee so bad our eyeballs were floating. FINE! Kick off the covers and get moving.

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Tired but Inspired

Go walk the dog. Decide that I really want to get some crafty stuff to do some journaling on vacation so I go to the two craft stores I like. Take my dog to visit the old man. We are there… for what seems like forever. I finally say, look you haven’t been out of this house in forever. Get dressed. I’ll take the dog home and be back to take you out to dinner. That’s what we did. Perkins… FRIED chicken. Bad. But tasty.

Bring the old man back to his house. I don’t leave there until almost 8. Dang it! I have to go walk my sister’s dog. So I do that and finally get home. Now I had time to fit in some walking or bike riding. Or a workout. I just didn’t feel like it so I didn’t do it. We did not hit our water goals, but hit a monthly high in mountain dew though. We did hit exercise goals just… barely. Consumed 2,123 calories. Burned 3,586. Steps… Missed the goal. I got 24, 768. Okay… well onto the next.

Sunday! September 2nd Thank you LORD this week is finally OVER. Oh shoot… I still have to do this day. So I did… go walk sister’s dog… Go take care of old man… Crap… Subway for dinner. Go walk dog again. Come home… get on bike… barely pedal… play online more than work it. I wasn’t feeling it. There just isn’t much to tell here. I hit water and exercise goals, consumed 1,768 calories, burned 3,991, and took 27,540 steps… the most I’ve done all week. All it took was a missed day and I reluctantly got back on the ball.


So next week is the final week of this step up challenge. I honestly can not wait for it to be over with. Steps are great and easily tracked but it’s boring and hard to be focused only on steps and moving up in steps. I’m really looking forward to being done with it.

Final weeks goals: At least 4 gym visits. 30,000 steps and under 1,700 a day. 76 ounces of water.

Next week is my final measure and weigh in for this challenge. I’m not overly looking forward to it but I’m hoping to see the same type of results I had in the first two weeks. I’m not sure I will because I broke the calories so often this week. But who cares? This is my personal challenge. I’m in no competition with anyone but myself.


Until next time, be kind to yourself and others,


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