Beck’s Stats – 8-20 to 8-26

Beck’s Progress – August 20 – August 26, 2018

So it’s the end of week two of this amped up program I have going on here. How did I do? Did I totally dive into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and a bag of potato chips? Short answer to that is no. I did okay. Was I on target every single day? Nope. Did I at least accomplish some of the goals? Absolutely. Let’s discuss how the week went first.

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Bon Voyage!

I had such a case of the I don’t want to do this. I know you’ve had those days where you get up in the morning and you are like why? Why should I do this at all. Why should I care if I’m fat? Who’s looking at me anyway and I’m pretty comfortable with who I am! No body shame! But the fact is I’m not comfortable with who I am. The actual idea of getting on a cruise ship in October and maybe putting on a bathing suit sends thoughts of absolute terror threw my brain. Those thoughts are a poison that drips down into my veins and just makes me feel ick all the time. I don’t want that. So I feel the don’t wannas… and do it anyway.

Monday wasn’t so bad. It was a work day so of course it was much easier to get the steps in. I ended the day with 26,087 steps. Walked 11.56 miles. Burned 4,766 calories and was active for 294 minutes. I do believe that Monday was my best day. I hit my water goal. I hit my exercise goal. I was even able to stay under the 1,900 calories goal. You did excellent today Beck! Why thank you… thank you very much!

Tuesday we are going to call this day a success. I was able to achieve 23,742 steps. I traveled 10.52 miles. I burned off 4,291 calories. I was active for 154 minutes. Came in a little shy on my water goals but I stayed under my calorie goal. I hit my exercise goal.

Wednesday, this was a gym day. That’s a goal to refresh the memory… it’s a goal to go to the gym between 2 and 4 times this week. This was number one. The don’t wannas were hard set in… the Sloth was over there smirking away. My steps for this day? Barely over goal at 20,389 steps. I traveled 9.03 miles, burned off 3,523 calories and was active for 84 minutes. I hit my exercise and water goals. I busted the calorie goal. I wanted to stay under 1,900 this week. Wednesday I reached 2,210. I forgive myself… let’s move on.

Thursday, this was gym day number two. At the end of the day I achieved 22,155 steps. I traveled 9.82 miles. I burned 3,903 calories. I was active for 110 minutes. I hit my exercise and calorie goals. Came in low on the water goal. Ooops.

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It’s the climb!

Friday is my longest day at work. I’ll be honest here. When I got off work I wasn’t feeling it. I went through Popeyes drive thru, came home… sat down and did not move again until it was time for bed. That being said… work and trips to and from the bathroom achieved 24,965 steps. When I say it was a long day… I totally mean it. I traveled 11.06 miles, burned 4,046 calories, and was active for 111 minutes. I ingested 2,220 calories and I totally forgive myself for doing so… girl you earned those calories. Yes I did. Anyway… I’m not going to make that a habit. A few times a week isn’t a habit per say… whatever where was I? Oh yeah… I hit water and activity goals.

Saturday! YAY! Saturday.. I’m off today. I don’t have to do a thing! That’s great! And yet I spent an hour deciding if it was worth putting on a bra to hit three days of gym this week. Final answer with some encouragement and giggles from my facebook friends… I went. I achieved 23,281 steps traveled 10.31 miles, burned 3,900 calories, active for 162 minutes. Hit my water, exercise AND my calorie goals. Threw on some Ice Cube…. today was a good day.

Sunday, okay let me explain what happened with today. Today was my sort of step dad’s birthday. We had a little party. Deviled eggs, potato salad, hamburger, hotdogs… lord. I’m pretty sure my calorie count is higher than I actually consumed. I couldn’t find the actual calories for a hamburger patty no bun or anything. Only the sandwich… so I used that. Same with the hotdog. But any that I didn’t eat, I made up for with the eggs and salad because delicious. Oh well… it’s been cheat week.. Life happens. We move on and do better the next day. So I got a total step count of 20,191…. not a bad count for a lazy Sunday with Family. I traveled 8.95 miles, was active for 68 minutes, and burned 3263 calories. I met my exercise and water goals. I ate 2,046 calories. (Did I mention the potato salad problem?)

Okay Beck, that’s all great but did you have any pay off for all this work you’ve done over the past two weeks? Is it all worth it? Short answer to that is YES! 100 million times over yes. I FEEL good. That’s worth more than the poundage lost or gained. I feel better than I have in a quick minute. But if you are looking for “success stats” let’s go over them.

On Monday the 13th:

  • My upper arm measured 15 inches.
  • My chest measured 49 inches.
  • 2 inches above my navel was 53 inches.
  • 2 inches below my navel was 50 inches.
  • My hips were 47 inches.
  • My thighs were 25 inches.
  • I weighed 225 pounds.

On Sunday the 26th:

  • My upper arm measures 14 inches.
  • My chest measures 48 inches.
  • 2 inches above my navel was 46 inches.
  • 2 inches below my navel was 48 inches.
  • My hips were 45 inches.
  • My thighs were 24 inches.
  • I weighed 219 pounds.

That is a total of 14 inches and 6 pounds that I was able to shed. Photos wise… it really doesn’t look any different. That’s why I didn’t take anymore of those. But feeling wise… I feel great! I feel fantastic and want to continue to do so.

I also want you to keep this in mind, while I’m building muscle now and I’m really trying to push for a healthy lifestyle I started this month out weighing 234 pounds. That is 15 pounds that I have lost this month. I’m not at all complaining about my results. They may be slower than some or faster than others. Every single one of those pounds shed are absolutely worth the effort. I am investing in me. Other than my kid… there isn’t a better place to invest my time and energy.

Sunday Stats

Okay Okay.. but what are your goals going into week three?

  • 25,000 steps per day minimum.
  • 3 to 4 days a week at the gym.
  • 3 to 5 days a week home workouts. (I’m testing an app to see how it is, I’ll let you know.)
  • 1800 calories per day.

That is all I got for this week.

Until next time, be kind to yourself and others.


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