August Step Challenge – Final Stats – Team Sloth

Final Check-In

I completely flaked last week on posting my stats. I just got lazy and forgot.

I decided with as few days were left I would make it just one post so the lovely Road Runner only had to edit my crazy one last time for this challenge. Slothism: Less work is awesome!

Anyway, here it is my very last check in for this challenge!


Monday – 8/22

Beck Monday 22Good Day Lovely People! Today was a pretty good day!

Over the weekend Ki gave me a fit bit. She got a new one and I gladly snagged the hand me down thank you very much! Awesome charts and stuff… Hello! Can’t wait to put that together!

Anyway, I’ve never used anything but my little cheapo depot tracker. I got curious to see what the difference was and ya know, is there a reason to shell out cash for the big brand step counters over my little $30 one?

So far I can tell you yes, and that yes is because I can say for absolute certain that the Activ does not read all of your steps.

I had my active on my ankle like I always do, put the fit bit on my wrist. The activ ended the day with just about half if the steps that the Fitbit counted. Mmm. Well, excuse me but that’s not overly cool there Activ.

It leaves me with the question of have I actually been doing double the work since I got the Activ or was it a fluke? Was the Fitbit being nice because he’s getting to know me?

Ya know… it’s just the first date so maybe he’s really trying to impress me? The fickle woman that I am can’t ditch the old boyfriend for the new until she knows for sure how badly the old boy was treating her.

This week I’m going to give you a full week of tracking with both and be able to honestly review my old tracker.

On the upside the swelling has gone down considerably. I’m down to I think 213 pounds. Gotta snap a picture but I’ll get to that. (Sloth: I think we forgot to do that.) Slowly getting back to myself! YAY!

For the next few months I will be tracking bursts, swelling all of that very closely. Hopefully something will shift in the medical department and some questions may get a much needed answer. I don’t have insurance so I do have to rely on the ever changing faces at the free clinic.  Lots of things to think about really.

This girl is fighting very hard to stay out of a rabbit hole.

Anyway, Team Runner behaved as expected last week and is moving fast towards kicking my ass. Since I know her and what motivates her. I’m going to continue to use the advantage of not being employed and get to steppin!

My goal by the end of this challenge is to be back down to at least 204 pounds. I’m going to achieve that goal. I’m a badass chick after all!

Today’s Steps: 34,280



Tuesday – 8/23

Beck Tuesday 23I gotta tell you, coming out of last week I was totally in the Blue Funk. I felt like my body turned traitor. I felt like it doesn’t really matter what I do, it will never be good enough to actually hit those goals. I felt down. Not rabbit hole down but definitely a blue funk. (Sloth: Awww, you want some cheese with that whine? I’ll get you a cookie. How about a cookie? I want a cookie.) 

I do try and see the positive in things instead of the negatives. I’m positive that what I’m doing is working.

My scale may not be cooperating the way I think that it should. But my ass isn’t spilling so far over my desk chair.

My scale may say some astronomical numbers but I have to wear a tighter tank top under my cute tank tops to not be scandalous. I am in smaller clothes. I was in a 22 and now I’m comfortably and kind of loosely wearing a 14. I am making progress.

So I can’t be this hard myself. (Sloth: Great! You did something good. You need a cookie as a reward. Seriously… I’ll go get you one.)

Anyway, I think it all kind of clicked in my brain this morning while I was taking my nieces to school. I pulled up in front of their bright blue building and was waiting my turn to let them out. There it was on the beam to read. “Nothing works if you won’t work it.” Simple thought. But very true.

If I don’t work out, then how are those goals ever going to get there? If I don’t eat like I’m supposed to, how can my body be healthy? If I don’t drink water whose fault is it that I dehydrate? If I let my sloth mentality win, then how will these goals I so badly want to accomplish ever be accomplished?

It doesn’t matter what the measurements and scale says if I don’t keep my mind right then how will I ever get passed this hurdle? The answers are I can’t if I won’t work. So I’m working.

This is why I’m falling in love with my new boyfriend Bit. (Sloth: Yes folks! She’s talking about the FtiBit that Ki gave her. She’s calling it her boyfriend. Single women are weird and won’t give me a cookie.) Bit is encouraging. He sends me little messages throughout the day reminding me that I’m close to such and such goal. Vibrates when I get there. A little happy orgasm of happiness for my hard work. Gives me presents. I have no clue what they are or what they mean yet but I like presents. (Sloth: I’d like a cookie.)

Today’s Steps: 42,662


Wednesday – 8/24

Beck Wednesday 24I am totally slacking today.

Last night I got 2 ½ hours of sleep so I wasn’t really feeling being overly active this morning. Took my kid to school almost late. Took my nieces to school then my sister to the hospital.

I’m sure I could have paced the hall till she was done with her procedure but I didn’t. I sat in a chair, played on my phone, leaned my head back and rested.

On the plus side it turned out that I didn’t have to pick up the nieces today so I came home. Did a workout and then took a very long nap.

What I’m learning with the fit bit is even when I sleep, I sleep poorly. (Sloth: Mm.. I know. Pretty sure that’s a mortal sin. Go take another nap!)

I’m eating dinner late. (Sloth: Yes, but you gave me watermelon at lunch so we’re cool for now.) And I don’t know if I’m gonna hit my 20,000 goal in steps today. I’m just not feeling it.

Tomorrow is going to be a rushed day. I have to go back to the Social Security Office tomorrow. Hopefully for the last time this year. Next year is another story. Ah well. Such is life with a kid with a disability.

I could totally go do another work out and get up to 20,000 but I think just for today, I’m going to let the sloth win.  (Sloth: Thank you… I’ll take a cookie as a reward for my win please.)

Total Steps: 17,733


Thursday – 8/25

Beck Thursday 24What the hell? Exhausted! I slept about four hours last night.

Got up for my day. Stood in line for an hour and a half just to get inside the SSI office with a reasonable wait. The sun was brutal. My back was aching.

I finished all my running by 2pm, came home and passed out. Slept another four hours. Total of 8. First time my fitbit says “You hit goal” for sleep. That’s great. I’m still tired.

Not really caring about the steps today. (Sloth: Yes… yes… come to the dark side.) I’m thinking about going to bed early tonight and just trying to end this week on a fresh note. (Sloth: No no, no fresh note. Dark side… naps, cookies, mountain dew. We have all the good stuff.)

I want a dew. (Sloth: Yes… yes that is it. Feel the hate of healthy!)

On another note. I’m keeping track of my food intake now. That’s interesting. I don’t know if I like it or not yet. I’m still stopping when I’m full but seeing that I have calories “left over” for the day is pretty nifty too. (Sloth: Stop it! Mountain Dew, cookies… soft serve ice cream!) I know this much. I’m giving slacking a new meaning.

Total Steps: 13,757


Friday – 8/26

Beck Friday 26I’d like to have some sort of excuse for today. I ain’t got one.

The Sloth is winning. I had trouble getting the Fitbit to charge. It’s got a weird plug thing that I wouldn’t recommend Fitbit put on any new products.

So basically I used that as an excuse not to get my ass up and work anything. If it’s not being counted, it doesn’t count right?

So what had happened was, I didn’t move. I didn’t do crap. (Sloth: I am so winning!)

The sloth is confused on how this competition works. It’s MOST steps in a month and that thing is like least woman. Sit down. What am I doing? Listening! Pain in the butt.

Total Steps: 6,569


Saturday – 8/27

Beck Saturday 27HA! That’s kinda all I can say for today! It was the Slothiest Slothish Sloth day EVER!

I straight up did my best not to move a muscle. I mean I probably put way more effort in not doing a thing than I ever have at working out kind of effort into not moving.

Short of prying my ass off my office chair to go to the bathroom, it wasn’t happening today.

I convinced my kid to bring me drinks. I barely moved to cooked. I just gave no cares about it. (Sloth: She cleaned that up for ya.) Not one care was given. It was a NOPE kinda day.

The sloth definitely won this day, Beck had very little to do with it. I didn’t over eat or anything like that, I just didn’t do ISH. And that’s where I’m going to leave ya this week.

Anyway, we have just FOUR more days to keep track of steps and then this thing is OVER! So I better be pushing my butt extra hard Sunday to Wednesday. Any more days like today and I’m not going to have a chance in hades to win this challenge.

Total steps: 997 (Yes, that’s really the number. WOW)



Sunday – 8/28

Beck Sunday 28Ahh Sunday… the day of rest! Uh no… day of total panic!

There is only four days left of this competition! (Sloth: YES! So glad this nonsense is drawing to a close!)

Here’s what I’ve done because my lazy is severely taking over and I’m wanting to spend more and more time at my desk. I moved my step in front of my desk.. got rid of my chair and put the keyboard higher.

I can goof off and step at the same time. Awesome! (Sloth: Speak for yourself! I was perfectly fine sitting on our butt watching the Twitter Fails without having to move.)

It’s working out! Way more steps than yesterday down!

Total Steps: 23,755

Total Steps for the week: 139,753


Becks Steps


Monday – 8/29

Beck Monday 29Crunch time!

No pig tails!

(Sloth: Give up! You’ll be Harley Quinn at the gym.)

I am going to get my steps in!

Crunch time!

I’m great with no time deadlines!

Total Steps: 20515





Tuesday – 8/30

Beck Tuesday 30Didn’t do as well… I’m so over this!

(Sloth: Preach it lady!

Total Steps: 16807






Wednesday – 8/31

Beck Wednesday 31LAST DAY!

Get to steppin!

Step everywhere… run… walk fast… move move move! Get those steps in!

I hope I win but if I don’t I’m definitely going Harley Quinn.

If you’re going to be embarrassed might as well GO BIG!

Total Steps: 31,685



So… What’s the FINAL stats already?

Total Steps for the CHALLENGE: 583,057

Daily Average steps FOR ENTIRE CHALLENGE: 18,808


I’m sorry! Win or lose this challenge. Those totals right up there are BAD ASS! (Sloth: Even I think that’s pretty impressive! I hope you did your math right lady. All that work and an accounting error would be absolutely embarrassing.) Oh hush Sloth! I’m considering this challenge a personal victory. You be quiet!


A note on the weight:

DSCN0758Remember how last week my weight went haywire?

There was a day last week that I weighed I want to say it was 223 pounds? It was a devastating blow to the ego and motivation that’s for sure.

This week, I’m very happy to report that whatever was happening is over and I’m back to being 204.6 pounds. Thank you very much scale.

I won’t buy you a name tag that says “Hello, my name is total bitch, you stepped on me, prepare to cry.” (Princess Bride reference… sometimes I cannot help myself.)

At this point I’m hoping to just maintain that and not let it go up again. Although I don’t really think I had that much control over it. I pretty much think my body sometimes just does whatever it wants.




  • Bicep: 14 inches
  • Thigh: 22 inches
  • Chest:47 inches
  • Waist: 43 inches
  • Hips: 45 inches

Did I really loose anything working this hard? No.

But I think that’s because of the issues I had with the weird weight gain. I don’t know? I don’t really care.

It was a fun challenge to keep us motivated and working! This one is OVER!

So who has piggy up hair? What’s the next challenge?

Your guess is as good as mine right now!

On to the next!


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