August Step Challenge – Final Stats – Team RoadRunner

Final Check-In

I started this week knowing that I was 54,742 steps behind!

This was an improvement from being almost 85,000 steps behind at the start of the last week.  The big difference was that this week only had 3 days left for the challenge.

How in the world was I going to pull this off?


Monday – 8/29

Ki Monday 29

I woke up Monday very determined to make it a high step day.

I know that these last three days need to be high step days if I’m going to win this challenge.

I was in pain most of last week and did not get the steps I had hoped for.  I had totally planned to start this week off without being behind Team Sloth.  But I failed to meet that goal.

So I decided to make sure that I was stepping at least 20 minutes every hour on Monday to rack up the steps.  Well that didn’t work out as well as I had hoped.

There were a few hours in there that I simply ignored my reminder and didn’t get up to take the steps.

While it was a high step day, it wasn’t as high as I’d hoped.

Total Steps: 29,894


Tuesday – 8/30

I knew Tuesday had to be better than Monday.  I need the steps.  I need to get ahead.

I kept the same strategy that I used on Monday.  I walked for at least 20 minutes every hour throughout the day.

I also had a doctor’s appointment that afternoon and paced the lobby for most of the 2 hours that I was waiting to be seen.

The doctor took X-Rays of my leg and said that they look amazing.  He was pretty concerned about the amount of swelling around my ankle until I showed him how swollen my other ankle was do to my Rheumatoid Arthritis flare up.

He went back and forth on whether or not it was okay to start walking without the boot on but he finally settled with go ahead and lose the boot but “please be very gentle with your steps, take it easy.  I want it to continue healing well.”  Yes sir!

The bone that broke cleanly, healed well and is all set now.  However, the bone that shattered is still healing.  It looks a little bit more like 2 clean breaks right next to each other now as opposed to a completely shattered bone with tons of bits and pieces.  Since it does still have 2 breaks, he’s worried.  I get it.  I’ll be careful.  Promise!

Total Steps: 43,093


Wednesday – 8/31

Wednesday I woke up and knew that I still had just over 19,000 steps to go just to catch up with her.  Plus I needed to make sure and beat whatever steps she takes today.

The only chance I have is if she continues to only meet her daily goal and doesn’t worry about stepping it up for the challenge.  I knew this all day.

I decided today that I would remove my desk chair and walk while I worked.  That’s a lot harder than it sounds!

I had 3 back-to-back meetings that afternoon at work and somehow the chair found it’s way back to my desk and back under my butt.  How the hell did that happen?!

Before I knew it, evening was flying by and I was not where I wanted to be for steps.  I wanted 50,000 for the day.  I wanted it so bad!

But my leg was weak and shaky all day and I didn’t take it easy.  So by the time the evening arrived, I was tired.  I pushed and pushed but was not able to get to my 50,000.

I am still happy with what I did accomplish.  There have been less than a handful of days that I surpassed this number of steps.

Total Steps: 38,541


Total Steps for the Challenge: 569,932

Daily Average steps for the month: 17,840

Ki Stats for the Month

Whether I won this challenge or lost it, I am super proud of myself for accomplishing this many steps with a full time job and on a broken leg…without hurting myself even more.  Before breaking my leg, I was struggling to get 7,000 steps a day.

My goal for this challenge was to get myself into the habit of being active every day.  To make a habit of getting up and moving instead of sitting sedentary.

I do computer work, all day every day.  Even on weekends.  It’s too easy to completely forget that my body needs to get up and move.

I’m also super proud of my bestie for doing the same thing and giving me quite the competition.


A note on the weight:

When I started this challenge, my weight was 206.

So overall, I gained 1.8 pounds during the challenge.

However, during the third week, my weight was down to 200 pounds.  I was so excited!  I was .1 pound away from being less than 200 pounds.

I’m not sure what happened that made my weight go back up.  The only thing I can think of is that there were a few days this month that I did not me my daily calorie intake of 1,200.

There were 3 or 4 days that my calorie intake was less than 1,000.  This is not healthy as it causes the body to start storing food as fat.

One of my major goals is to make sure that I consume at least 1,200 calories each and every day.  This is surprisingly hard for me, so I’ll continue trying to meet that goal so that my body has the energy it needs and does not go into starvation mode.

The only other thing I can think of is that maybe the inflammation from the Rheumatoid Arthritis causes some weight gain, I’m not sure on that.



  • Bicep: 12.5 inches  (1/2 an inch gained)
  • Thigh: 24 inches  (stayed the same)
  • Chest: 45.5 inches  (1/2 an inch lost)
  • Waist: 44.5 inches  (1/2 an inch lost)
  • Hips: 42.5 inches  (1 1/2 inches lost)

Ki Dashboard

Did I lose significant weight?  No, but I lost some of my size which is good.  I think I’m stronger and have more stamina.

I gained confidence and pride.  A sense of accomplishment.  I think I need to focus on my diet and sleep while continuing to maintain a regular workout routine and increased activity.

Win or lose, I am a badass.  I proved to my son that I meant it when I told him a broken leg wouldn’t slow me down or break my stride.  I got this and I showed it.

While Team Sloth may have won the challenge, I wasn’t far behind despite her advantages.  I’m super proud of that.  I’m super proud of both of us.



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