August Fitness Challenge – Results

Sloth vs. RoadRunner

Cleats BadgeWow! What a race!

When I first started this challenge, I had no idea that Beck and I would be clocking more than 40,000 steps in a single day!

We both earned our Cleats badges with Fitbit for clocking 40,000 steps in a single day.  I am super proud of that!

We both had a few days where we got more than 30,000 steps.  This is huge to me considering our daily goals were usually right around 15,000 steps.  To double our daily goals was a great accomplishment.

We also both had more days than not where me met our daily goal for steps.  I think that’s a big change for the both of us.

I only hope we both continue the momentum and stay active so that we can achieve our goals when we hope to achieve them…and in healthy ways.


The Race

August RaceAs much as I would love to report that this challenge was neck and neck.  It really wasn’t.  Team Sloth slaughtered me.

I started off real strong the first week getting roughly 10,000 steps more than Team Sloth each day.  But she came back in the second week and beat my daily goal each day by around 5,000 steps.

The third week, I took the lead again with more than 20,000 steps each day.

But then I was in pain the fourth week and Team Sloth left me eating her dust when she clocked more than 30,000 steps one day and more than 40,000 steps the next day while I wasn’t even hitting 10,000 steps for 3 or 4 days.

This left me with an 85,000 step deficit and I knew at that point that there was no way I was going to catch her.  I would have to clock very high step days for the rest of the challenge and that just wasn’t likely.

I ramped it up at the end of week 4 and then pushed super hard during the last week.  Unfortunately, I still came up just a little bit shy.  I didn’t catch her.


The Winner

August StepsWith a grand total of 581,514 steps, Team Sloth won this challenge.

I will not call myself a loser because I’m not, I’m a badass.  I will say that I was the runner up with 569,932 steps.

I lost the challenge by 11,582 steps.  That kills me because I could’ve gotten that in one day.  If I had one more day during the challenge that I snuck those steps in, I could’ve had this.

But I did not make that happen.  Therefore, I was defeated.

That being said, I’m going to put it out there that I am super proud of Beck.  I know how hard it is to talk the Sloth down.  I know how hard it is to find motivation when you’re tired, in pain, or otherwise just feeling blah.

Great job pushing through all that and tackling almost 600,000 steps!  You’re a badass!


My Punishment

Ki BankSo the punishment for the runner up was to go to the gym and workout with pig tails.

Here’s the thing… I don’t go to the gym anymore.  I do Bodyweight exercises at home.  In fact, I’ll be cancelling my gym membership anyway because I can only use a few of the machines and I don’t think isolated muscle strengthening is as effective.

It just so happens that Team Sloth forgot to post her stats on Monday.  The contest rules state that we were to post our stats each Monday.  So, in my opinion, the fact that she didn’t would have disqualified her from any official contest.  But, the fact remains that she beat me in steps and I don’t want to win by default.  I want to earn my win.

Ki Post OfficeSo since she modified that rule a little, I modified the punishment a little.  I did not go to the gym and take pictures of myself working out in pig tails.  Instead, I went out and ran my errands in pig tails.  I think that was far more public than just the gym so she’s just gonna have to accept it.

First, I went to the bank to pay my rent.  Not too many weird looks there, not that I cared much.  Next I went to the post office to mail several packages to my mother.  The line was super long when we went in and I stood there for a good 20 minutes with people giving me strange looks.

Ki WalgreensNext, I went to Walgreens to pick up a few things.  This was a bad idea because holiday candy is out and I’m a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate.  I justified my candy purchase by saying I start a new diet next week.  I’m gonna splurge a little now.  BAD Ki!  This was not a good decision.

The cashier at Walgreens seemed surprised because when she asked how I was, I enthusiastically said, “I’m fantastic!  Thank you for asking.  How are you doing?”  I know customer service is hard, I’ve been there and done that.  I try to brighten their days a little by being friendly, unlike most people.  She ended up complimenting my pig tails and saying that I was cute.  My son so proudly blurted out that I lost a bet.  Kids, man.  So I explained the challenge and admitted defeat.  She said, “Aw, well it’s cute.  Don’t feel bad.”  Thanks!  I don’t.

Ki Drive ThroughFinally, we went through a drive through and picked up some grub.  Not food, mind you.  Grub.  Nothing healthy.  Lots of carbs.  Way too many calories.  I’ll work it off.

At any rate, my son took the picture of me while my head was turned at the drive through.  Then he promptly laughed and made fun of my “bald spot”.  Of course, I started feeling around like what bald spot?  PCOS guys…we lose hair at an astronomical rate.

He explained that I had a bald line going down my head.  I said yeah….that’s part of wearing pig tails.  Anyway, I didn’t realize just how sloppy I did the pig tails but I’m not one to really care about what people think about how I look.  I don’t worry about fashion, make up, or looking pretty.  I’m not trying to impress anybody, I’m just trying to do what I gotta do and get home safely.  So please…forgive the weird triangular half assed hairdo.  Or don’t, I don’t really care.

Being that I went to four separate places in pig tails and took pictures, I’m gonna say I fulfilled my punishment.  This challenge is officially over.

Now on to the next!

Peace Badasses,


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