About the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker

About the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker

About the Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker - Purple

Okay, let’s talk about the Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker.  I bought it because I needed an upgrade from the Fitbit Charge.  I decided on the Fitbit Blaze because it would track my sleep habits and it had a heart rate monitor.  Both of which were a focus in my life at the time.

This was an upgrade, so I paid a bit more for it than I did it’s predecessor.  I paid just over $200, maybe $230 after all was said and done.

When I received it, it came in a pretty cool box with very simple instructions on how to set it up and get it working, as did other Fitbit products I’ve gotten.  I plugged it in right away to give it a good charge and then synced it up with my Fitbit account.

I wear my Fitbit most days, though there have been a few stints that I didn’t wear it…or any watch or tracker at all.  I do that sometimes, it has nothing to do with the product.  Sometimes my skin gets irritated by things and so I give it a break from materials… where I can.

The upgrade to the Fitbit Blaze has been a good one.  Since I committed to weight loss and more activity, it has done a good job of giving me the information that I need along the way.  It seems to be fairly accurate, no complaints there.  I’ve stuck it out with the Fitbit Blaze for about six years now.


What I Like About the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Dashboard
Fitbit Dashboard

There were several things I liked about the Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker:

  • Clasp – The clasp on this one is just like a watch.  It’s simple and secure.
  • Display – The display automatically showed when you moved your wrist toward your line of sight and then went dark when you weren’t looking at it in order to save the charge… and it doesn’t have the digital clockish display that the Charge had.  It’s nice and modern.
  • Fitbit App – With the tracker came access to the Fitbit website and mobile app which seems to get updated and improved regularly.  It gives you a dashboard where you can track your progress on several different things such as:
    • Steps
    • Floors climbed
    • Heartrate
    • Hours of sleep
    • Water consumed
    • Calories consumed
    • Active Minutes
    • Pounds lost/to lose
  • Challenges – The Fitbit app allows you to sign up for and participate in various activity challenges with or without your friends.  I particularly loved the distance challenges such as the Vernal Falls Adventure.  I also love the Fitbit Bingo challenge that I play with friends.  It keeps me motivated to keep moving.
  • Smart Watch – The watch allows me to see my text messages and play music right from my watch.  How convenient!  This prevents me from needing to fumble with my phone while I’m on the move and working out.
  • Step Tracking – The step tracking feature seemed to me to be accurate.  If it missed any of my steps, it didn’t miss enough for me to notice.


What I Dislike About the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker

About the Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker - Heart Rate

In all fairness, my Fitbit Blaze product review should also report what I didn’t like about it, right?  There were only a few things I dislike about the Fitbit Blaze:

  • Wristband – Made of silicone, the wristband really irritated my skin after I’d been sweating with it on.  To be fair, my skin is super sensitive.
  • Functionality – There was 1 time that I wasn’t wearing my Blaze and the battery ran dead.  I plugged it into the charger and it wouldn’t charge.  I bought a new charger and it still wouldn’t charge.  I tried resetting everything and it still wouldn’t charge.  I bought a new Blaze.  I don’t know what happened here but I did see some online reports that it had happened to others.  I bought a new one anyway because there’s weren’t enough reports to convince me that the actual model was defective.  Sometimes in life you get a lemon.  I chalked it up as a lemon.  I have not had problems with the second one at all.



We have a winner!

So, the Fitbit Charge was a nice step up from the free tracker that attached to my shoelaces… but I can’t say enough about the Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker.  I must say, the Fitbit Blaze wins hands down compared to the Fitbit Charge.  It just offers so much more in a smart watch and doesn’t seem to really have much in the way of downfalls.  I love my Blaze.

The Fitbit Blaze has kept me happy for several years now.  Recently, I’ve been curious about how the Apple Watch would do in comparison, but I can’t justify buying it just yet.  My Fitbit Blaze is doing just fine for now.

Which tracker do you use?  Do you like it?  Let us know why you chose the fitness tracker you chose, I’m so nosey!

Happy stepping!



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