30 Day Leg Challenge – Ki – Week 1

New Challenge & New Goals

30 Day Leg Challenge Chart
30 Day Leg Challenge Chart

It looks like Beck and I both slacked off big time for February.  I almost regret calling off the challenge for February as we both seem to have completely lost our motivation which has had a negative result for both of us.

But like she said, it’s time to get up, dust off our shoulders and get to work.


March Challenge – 2019 – Week 1

I am still my tracking sheet as a checklist to mark off each task as I complete it.  This has been a life saver.  The tracking page sits in my planner so I see it every time I look at my To Do list.

Week 1 Measurements

Measurements - Week 1
Measurements – Week 1

I’m measuring progress on my thigh but am recording my weight as well for my personal goals. My personal goal is to get my Average Step Count above 10,000 and my weight down as much as I can.

  • Average Step Count:  4,708 steps
  • Thigh: 31.25″
  • Weight: 244.8

So, a couple things… my average step count is waayyyy low!  I came nowhere near meeting my personal goals this week.  I need to get motivated and make it happen like I did for the challenge tasks.

My thigh measurement… quite a bit higher than my baseline last week.  Based on this new app I used, it looks like I was measuring a bit too low on my thigh.  So I’m going to use 31.25″ as my baseline measurement and monitor progress from week 1 on.  From now on, I will use this same app to get my measurements for the week as it seems to be the most accurate.

My weight came down a little more than a pound but that’s hardly worth talking about this week.  I wasn’t focused on my weight at all this week and totally blew my diet.

Day 3 – Sunday

March - Week 1
March – Week 1

Sunday was a blah day.  My son and I got some bad news on Saturday regarding his health which led to me wanting to make calls and get things handled which I couldn’t get done during the weekend.  So, I got stuck in this rut where I had stuff to do and couldn’t which pretty much stopped the bus on everything else.  That is how I roll.  That said, I did get a pot roast cooked for dinner and I did get my challenge tasks done.  Other than that, I didn’t do a whole lot on Sunday, it was a “paralyzed by stress” day for me.

Steps: 1,852


Day 4 – Monday

I typically hate Mondays but this one couldn’t get here fast enough.  I had calls to make and stuff to accomplish.  I also planned to kick myself into gear today.  I did pretty well.  I started the day with getting my old routine in place where I get up every hour to walk so I can get my steps in for the day.  Since I have a desk job, I would be sedentary for at least 9 hours of the day just for work.  So, I set a reminder to get up each hour and walk a quick mile to get my activity in.  My meetings for the day were scheduled during the lunch hours and served for the perfect time to get my challenge tasks accomplished, so I seized the opportunity and knocked them out at lunch time.  I didn’t quite make my steps for the day, I was feeling pretty nauseous in the evening time.  Note to self:  work on getting your steps in early in the day.

Steps: 6,818


Day 5 – Tuesday

I’m still motivated.  I got my challenge tasks done after my first walk of the day at 8:30am.  I’m at 1,681 steps and I have a lot of day left to go, but the challenge is done already.  Yay, Ki!  I will get 10,000 steps today, I will get 10,000 steps today… I didn’t get 10,000 steps today.  Heavy sigh.  I got closer, but didn’t meet the goal.

Steps: 8,766


Day 6 – Wednesday

Once again, I started the day off motivated and got right into gear.  I did my first morning walk around 8:30am like the previous days and I completed the challenge tasks immediately after since my muscles were already warmed up.  I did a few more walks during the morning but, by lunch, I was ready for a nap and lost motivation for the rest of the day.

Steps: 5,850


Day 7 – Thursday

I completed my first morning walk and the challenge tasks at 8:30am but then didn’t do any walks for the rest of the day.  Thursdays are meeting days and my stress levels are high this week so my focus and motivation are slipping as a result.

Steps: 2,611


Day 8 – Friday

I completed the first morning walk and the challenge tasks.  I even did a second morning walk before losing my motivation for the day.

Steps: 3,862


Day 9 – Saturday

Motivation?  Pfft!  There just wasn’t any to be had.  I did complete the challenge tasks but then I was on the couch for most of the rest of the day spending time with my son and trying to help him relax to ease some of his pain.  I did do some laundry and some cleaning in the evening time which got in about 2,000 more steps.

Steps: 3,198

Progress on My Goals

Personal goals

I have not started on my personal goals yet as I need to first put my Fitbit back on my wrist.

Challenge goals

Copyright: bakhtiarzein / 123RF Stock Photo

Each challenge task is worth one point upon completion. The first week of tasks was worth 8 points.  I earned 8.

Measuring my thigh each week is worth 1 point.

Posting my stats on time (by 6pm Sunday) is also worth 1 point.

Therefore, this week there are 26 points available.

Points Earned: 26

Total Challenge Points: 34


So, how did you do? Are you following a long? Let us know how your week went in the comments section at the bottom of this page. We’re here to support you on your journey too!

For now, take care and hug your loved ones!



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