30 Day Leg Challenge – Beck – Week 1

New Challenge & New Goals

30 Day Leg Challenge Chart
30 Day Leg Challenge Chart

I don’t have much to say this week. I’ve been sick. I’m still sick and not really feeling the typing stuff. Hopefully I’ll have more to share with you next week. Sorry.



March Challenge – 2019 – Week 1

Week 1 Measurements

  • Thigh: 22″
  • Weight: 198.8 Pounds

Day 3 – Sunday

March - Week 1
March – Week 1

I was motivated today. I got up and cleaned. Ran errands. Did my work out twice. It was an on day!

Steps: 9,879


Day 4 – Monday

Work was a little hectic. I started getting a headache but other wise I was okay. I did my workout early in the day.

Steps: 11,853


Day 5 – Tuesday

I got up kind of sick. My sinuses were so stuffy. I did my workout before work. I tried to leave work a little early but couldn’t get someone to cover for me. 10 hour shift over I went home.

Steps: 20,634


Day 6 – Wednesday

By Wednesday I was not kinda sick to it. I was full on sick. My head felt like it was a thousand pounds. Nose running like a faucet on the left side and stuffy on the right. I was sneezing, coughing, aching, fever…. I just wanted to rest. But I went to work. I came home 30 minutes early. I wanted to go straight to sleep but I did my workout. Then just sat in a chair for the rest of the day.

Steps: 10,300


Day 7 – Thursday

I was too sick to go to work. I called in. It was my mom’s birthday though so I had to go see her for lunch. Somehow in just all of that I ended up walking around far more than I wanted to. I just wanted to lay down. It didn’t matter where. I did do my workout.

Steps: 16,496


Day 8 – Friday

I did go to work this morning because I opened. I didn’t want to. It was a short day though so I survived.  Did my work out when I got home. Cleaned my sister’s house. Installed a washer and went grocery shopping. None of those things did I want to do.

Steps: 18,171


Day 9 – Saturday

I got up this morning. I did my workout. I laid down. That’s it. I’m sick and don’t want to be. I didn’t do much of anything else.

Steps: 2,369

Progress on My Goals

Personal goals

I can’t say I worked on anything this week. I just didn’t feel like it. It’s Sunday at the time of typing this and I’m still struggling. It’s hard to breath if I do too much. Therefore I’m not. It isn’t helping me get back into the rhythm of things. Hopefully next week is better. This week I’m just trying to get the main workouts done.

Challenge goals

Copyright: bakhtiarzein / 123RF Stock Photo

Each challenge task is worth one point upon completion. The first week of tasks was worth 8 points, I earned 7.

This week, there were 24 tasks worth one point each.

Measuring my thigh each week is worth 1 point.

Posting my stats on time (by 6pm Sunday) is also worth 1 point.

Therefore, this week there are 26 points available.  I missed 1 point because I did not post my stats by 6pm on Sunday.

Points Earned: 25

Total Challenge Points: 32


So, how did you do? Are you following a long? Let us know how your week went in the comments section at the bottom of this page. We’re here to support you on your journey too!

For now, take care of yourselves as well as others!



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