30 Day Butt Lift Challenge – Ki – Week 3

New Challenge & New Goals

Butt Challenge
Butt Challenge

We’re working on our butts this month, no joke. Many people are embarrassed by or would like to fix something about their butt.

The challenge tasks we’re doing this month will help tone and shape our butts. I know mine needs a ton of work.

My personal goals for this month were to achieve at least 13,000 steps each and every day. I got lazy in February and didn’t pick it back up much in March, I need to kill it this month.  But I started off slacking so now I’ve bumped my step goal up to 15,000 steps per day.

I also need to restart my diet…again. My diet seems to be what derailed everything and swallowed up my progress. I had positive results going on but then when I went off my diet, I ended up getting lazy and gaining it all back. Now I’m back to square 1 with high blood pressure and pre-diabetes. Time to get busy.


April Challenge – 2019 – Week 3

I don’t use a journal or anything to log my exercises because I use the tracking sheet as a checklist. I will be using a journal to keep track of my diet though.

Week 3 Measurements

Measurements - Week 1
Measurements – Week 1

I’m measuring progress on my thigh but am recording my weight as well for my personal goals. My personal goal is to get my Average Step Count above 10,000 and my weight down as much as I can.

  • Hips: Didn’t measure
  • Waist: Didn’t measure
  • Weight: Didn’t measure

I did not get back on my diet this week, so I know that I will most definitely not like the results if I get on the scale or measure myself so I’m not going to. I know that no matter how much I work out, if my diet isn’t in check, there won’t be significant results. So the bottom line is I need to get my diet back on track.

Day 14 – Sunday

I woke up motivated for a Sunday.  I tried to sleep in a bit but it just wasn’t happening.  So I got up about regular time and immediately did my first walk of the day.  I did pretty well with doing a small walk each hour to try and get in at least 1,000 steps per hour.  I figure if I can do that, I’ll get my steps for the day since I’m awake more than 15 hours a day.  I did miss one hour shortly after lunch when I laid down to take a cat nap.  But I still knocked this goal out of the park today.  And challenge tasks were done shortly after dinner when I remembered I needed to get my post for last week published.

Steps: 16,093


Day 15 – Monday

Still motivated today.  I got my first walk of the day done before work started and completed my challenge tasks shortly after.  I managed to walk each hour until my last meeting of the day, then I lost focus a little bit.  My son and I had to run an errand after work and when we got home, I went for a walk outside that was worth about 3,000 steps.  When I got home from that, I was tired and hurting and still 2,000 steps short.  But…just before bed I was able to push through and get those last few steps to meet my goal for the day.  Doing great so far this week.

Steps: 15,022


Day 16 – Tuesday

Another highly motivated day.  I accomplished my first walk and challenge tasks before starting work.  I maintained my goal of walking a mile an hour throughout the work day and by the time I got off work and put dinner on the table, I was only 1,000 steps short of my goal.  I’m loving how successful this week is so far.  Tomorrow will be tricky since I’ll be in the car for a few hours and in the hospital for a few more.  We’ll see how it goes.

Steps: 17,021


Day 17 – Wednesday

As expected, I didn’t get my steps in for the day.  My son and I left the house just before 10am to head out of town for his MRI, we spent several hours at the hospital getting that done and then drove back to town and then out of town the other way to go visit my parents because my brother is in town for one night.  It is now 2 hours until bedtime and I am 10,000 steps short… it’s not going to happen.  I’m also going to skip the challenge tasks today because it’s so late and I’m beat.  I’ll do it twice tomorrow to make up for it.

Steps: 5,105


Day 18 – Thursday

Another highly motivated day.  When I woke up, I got started immediately with my first walk of the day before logging into work.  I completed the challenge tasks immediately as well.  Unfortunately, I tired out and got lazy in the evening time and spent the evening being a couch potato with my son.  As a result, I fell just shy of my 15,000 step goal.  That’s super frustrating when I’m in a few measly steps and I don’t push myself to get it done.  But that’s okay, there’s always tomorrow.

Steps: 14,957


Day 19 – Friday

Again, I woke up motivated and started my daily walks before logging into work.  I did very well until I got off work.  My son and I had planned a day trip for the evening time so after work, I spent my time getting ready for that and watching videos with him.  The trip was 5 hours total of me driving which prevented me from getting to my 15,000 steps for the day, but I did complete the challenge tasks with the morning walk.

Steps: 11,446


Day 20 – Saturday

I woke up a little later than usual since we were out until 2:30am.  I woke up tired and stiff, probably from the 5 hour drive.  But despite how I felt, my motivation wasn’t completely gone.  I didn’t start walking immediately like I usually do on weekdays.

Steps: 15,070

Progress on My Goals

Personal goals

I did better on my goals this week but still not quite good enough.  There were still 3 days that I didn’t meet my step goal and I still didn’t get back into my diet plan.

So, this next week I will increase my step goal to 16,000 steps to try and make up for not meeting my goal the past few weeks.  And I intend to start my diet again tomorrow.

Happy Easter!

Challenge goals

Copyright: bakhtiarzein / 123RF Stock Photo

I did great with my challenge goals this week.  I’ve noticed that the heel kicks are a little hinky on my left side this week, it keeps feeling like I’m on the verge of a Charlie horse in the back of my thigh when I do them so I’m slowing it down a little to be more careful but still getting them done.  Almost done with butt month!

So, how did you do? Are you following along? Let us know how your week went in the comments section at the bottom of this page. We’re here to support you on your journey too!

For now, take care and hug your loved ones!



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