Run The Year 2021 Race Review – In Progress

Run The Year 2021 - Featured
April 28, 2021

Run The Year 2021 Virtual Race Review The Run The Year 2021 is another great race to sign up for.  It’s very similar to the Amerithon race that I wrote about previously.  They are both produced by the Run the Edge platform.  Admittedly, I am working the Amerithon challenge and the Run the Year 2021 challenge at the same time.  But that’s only because both are so stinkin long! The…


Monday Motivation – Post Pandemic – Week One on Repeat

Monday Motivation - Week One
April 26, 2021

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress The week before last was a total failure, so I repeated week one this past week.  Let’s just get that straight right off the bat.  I didn’t do well with my diet, I didn’t do well logging things, and I didn’t do well exercising.  So I decided to start over again.  This seems to be a pattern.  I think I’m going to stop doing…


Sunday Stats – Week 1 – Repeated

2021-04-25 - Sunday Stats
April 25, 2021

My Progress – Week 1 Repeated This week, I repeated week 1 of my journey since I failed miserably last week.  If at first we don’t succeed, right?  I did a whole lot better this week, I know that before I even look at my goals. That said, I also know that there is still room for improvement. So let’s get right to it… Goal #1 – Diet – Since…


About the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker

About the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker Okay, let’s talk about the Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker.  I bought it because I needed an upgrade from the Fitbit Charge.  I decided on the Fitbit Blaze because it would track my sleep habits and it had a heart rate monitor.  Both of which were a focus in my life at the time. This was an upgrade, so I paid a bit more for…

April 22, 2021

Amerithon Virtual Race Review – In Progress

Amerithon Virtual Race Banner
April 21, 2021

Amerithon Virtual Race Review The Amerithon Virtual Race was one that the Sloth and I were both super excited to sign up for and do as a team.  This is, by far, the longest challenge we’ve attempted thus far at 3,521 miles. We both registered for this race on October 29, 2020.  I received my finisher pack on November 6, 2020 and began tracking my activity immediately for this challenge,…


Rise Higher Virtual Race Review

Rise Higher Banner
April 20, 2021

Rise Higher Virtual Race Review The Rise Higher Virtual Race is one of my favorite races so far.  I like the longer challenges because 5k and 10k races are completed so quickly that it almost feels like a waste of money registering for those races, even though we still get a medal for it.  It almost feels like cheating because it’s too easy. I love the more challenging races that…


Monday Motivation – Post Pandemic – Week One

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress I started off this week doing really well… for like the first part of the first day.  I started Keto on Sunday and did pretty well with it.  At the end of the day I was tired so I went to lay down in bed and watch TV.  Then my bratty son came in and intentionally triggered cravings to convince me to take him…

April 19, 2021

Sunday Stats – Week 1 – Again

My Progress – Week 1 Goal #1 – Diet – Since I am starting fresh this week, I spent the day getting all of my tools updated with current dates and current goals.  I use a set of spreadsheets to track my progress.  I find that logging things this way helps keep me focused on my goals.  The days that I fail to log are the days that I also…

April 18, 2021

Monday Motivation – Post Pandemic – Week Zero

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress I started off the week doing really well!  I started Keto on Monday which was the hardest day.  That was when I wanted to go out to eat just “one more time”… again… for the fourth day in a row.  Just one soft drink.  Just one candy bar.  That kind of thing.  But I stayed strong and told myself no.  I got through the…

April 12, 2021

Yes.Fit Review

Yes.Fit Review - Logo
April 7, 2021

Yes.Fit Review Our Yes.Fit Review involves a virtual race platform, as opposed to the actual virtual races themselves.  This platform has many, many races or challenges to choose from and I will review each individual race that I participate in… eventually! There are several websites that offer various virtual races, my reviews are looking like they will be very similar for each race offered by one site.  So I thought…